Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Warning, Warning= Bad News About Comic Books to Come!

Hello everyone, hope all is well. Today I was told that comic book prices are going up due to climate crisis, fires all over the place and backstock of just about all products (especially paper). It was also told to me (by a shadowy source) that DC and Marvel are cutting out variant covers and different versions of the same comics to save paper. But DC, with its limited output has already got comics at close to 6 bucks a crack. What's next, bank loans for weekly comics? Maybe fans can send ten dollar bills directly to the major comic companies and have them print your comics directly on your tenspot for you. All I know is that this coming! Take care and remember to adopt a comic (anyone under eight bucks) book today!

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Superman Gay, and No American Way

Hello everyone, hope all is well. Last week DC Comics anounced that Superman and Lois' son is bisexual. This is taking place in the comic- Superman, Son of Kal-el. It is a very good book and don't jump on board for the hype, but rather it is a very well done comic. And if some idiot writer has Lois stating in anguish, "Oh, where have we gone wrong with our son?" I reply, "Nowhere, he's just fine the way he is. Part two- DC just yesterday anounced that they are taking the "And the American Way," out of the Man of Steel's motto. They say that this will broaden Superman's appeal around the world. Heck. , he's already one of the top 5 most recognizable characters on the planet, so why quibble over a few words. Superman is great...period! Take care and remember to adopt a (Superman) comic today!