Saturday, April 10, 2021

A New Distribution War?

Hello Everyone, hope all is well. Shades of over two decades ago, last year DC Comics pulled out of Diamond Distributing which shipped all of the published comics in this country. You had to go online to see the new DC's that were coming out and God only knows how you would order them. Plus they are pulling back on the ammount of books they are publishing. Now Marvel too has pulled away from Diamond and are now getting distributed by Random House. Do they know what's in store for them? This leaves all the smaller guys to hang in there with Diamond. Over 20 years ago, Marvel bought Heroes World, starting a similiar chain reaction with giants like Bud Plant and Capital falling by the wayside once everyone sided with Diamond (even Marvel eventually). So now does Diamond understand how Capital felt oh those many years ago? Take care and remember to adopt a ccomic (any distributed one) book today!