Sunday, January 17, 2021

Cussed at a Con

Hello everyone, hope all is well. No, according to the title above, I really did not get sworn at while at a comic con, rather I got con...cussed, a significant concussion during the holidays due to a car accident. So what does that have to do with comics. Well, to begin with, this blog is my therapy to get back to writing (I am an author and columnist you know) a little bit at a time. Also due to my vision problems, inability to see well, (and severe headaches) I need someone to get my comics (I cannot drive currently) for me every week. And once I do get them...I CAN'T READ THEM! A true crisis (with a nod to the old JLA comics, this crisis is on "Earth Chris) to muddle through. Take care and remember to adopt a (anyone that you can see properly) comic book today!

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