Thursday, January 28, 2021

Browns in Super Bowl?

Hello everyone, hope all is well. No, the Cleveland Browns are not in the big game and that's because of the refs that blew the call on the helmet to helmet contact and after that I think they could have got past the Bills! So what does this have to do with comics and a comic book blog? Did you ever hear of the Marvel's "New Universe" "Kickers Inc?" Super hero football players! Take care and adopt a comic (with sports in it) book today!

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Cussed at a Con

Hello everyone, hope all is well. No, according to the title above, I really did not get sworn at while at a comic con, rather I got con...cussed, a significant concussion during the holidays due to a car accident. So what does that have to do with comics. Well, to begin with, this blog is my therapy to get back to writing (I am an author and columnist you know) a little bit at a time. Also due to my vision problems, inability to see well, (and severe headaches) I need someone to get my comics (I cannot drive currently) for me every week. And once I do get them...I CAN'T READ THEM! A true crisis (with a nod to the old JLA comics, this crisis is on "Earth Chris) to muddle through. Take care and remember to adopt a (anyone that you can see properly) comic book today!

Thursday, January 7, 2021

New Year, New Comics!

Hello everyone, hope all is well. This is the first new week of the new year and just yesterday was the first new "comic book day" of 2021. And this new year is bringing some problems to us comics aficianado...and that is that comics seem to be shrinking and going away. That mostly seems to be through the machinations of DC Comics and thie online only future plans. But that is another story for another blog. So read a comic and enjoy some new good ones, like Marvel Action "Avengers," and the DC "Generations." Both are pretty good comics. So get your hands on a new comic while you can! Take care and adopt (a new one while you can) comic today!