Sunday, September 13, 2020

Panther No More

Hello, everyone, hope all is well. A few days ago we learned that actor Chadwick Boseman lost his battle with cancer. I'm not sure whether Marvel will install a new actor in the part (ala James Bond) or pass the mantle to a relative. Either way it's a sad and dark day for the Black Panther. RIP Chadwick. Take care and adopt a (Black Panther) comic book today!

DC Fandrone

Hello everone, hope all is well. DC had another online fan excursion yesterday. I watched the origin of Batman documentary. What a Bob Kane love fest with only a single mention of Bill Finger and that was only that he was a writer! Other than that, boring,boring boring with only talk of television shows and movies. Hey! Where's the comics? Maybe DC should pay more attion to letting their fans know how to order their DC comics instead of hiding their ways to order their product complete with info, pics and descriptions! Oh well, maybe why with the greatest characters in the world, they are #2. Take care and adopt a DC (if you can find how to order one) comic book today!