Monday, March 23, 2020

Virus, Comics and Kindness

     Hello everyone, hope all is well, especially in light of the current pandemic.  Now I don't know if the new comics are going to be coming out this week due to the world wide virus, but there has been a few storylines over the last several decades that have had a virus that has been contained within the pages of comics.

     The entire line of Bat books fought, the "Contagion" storyline a few decades back.  The story was overly long but did what it was supposed to do...sell books.  Back in the 60s, Superman caught, "Virus X."  It was a four part story that ran in the pages of "Action Comics."  It was a great story with a happy ending.  And what long time Spiderman fan could ever forget that the web slinger lost his powers every time he caught a simple cold virus.

     Luckily, the writers of these tales knew in advance how the story was going to turn out, not so in life and the real world.  Fate is the author of this current situation that we find ourselves in.

     But I'm not worried about how communicable this Corona virus is.  Because I've been out the last few days getting food, medicine and more, watching people doing simple things for one another when they don't have to.  So no matter how fast this Corona virus spreads, I know that bravery, smiles, concern, kindness and charity are just as...contagious.

     Take care and adopt a comic (one filled with bravery) book today!


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