Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Heat and Heroes

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  I have not blogged for awhile due to the extreme heat that affected my health, especially after my air conditioner broke down and I was forced to (without my computer) "take to the road."

     But it made me think of some of the heroes (Human Torch, Sunfire and others) and villains (Heat Wave, Split Man, Flame Master and others) that controlled the temperature rising rather tan falling.  Too many times I saw covers filled with melting tar (and other things) as these hot heroes and villains duked it out.

     But all this heat makes me wish for winter.  Of course than I'd have to worry about Mr. Freeze, Captain Cold and well, you get it.  I guess there's no pleasing some people.

     Take care and adopt a comic (one with the villain, Moderate Weather Man if there is such a thing) book today!