Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019- Public Shootings and Batman's Butler!

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  I was going to start this blog with a single identifiable shooting from this year, Dayton, El Paso but there were so many I had to group them into the category of just, "mass shootings."  This alone is a sad and sobering statement.

     And the overall violence connected to these shootings ties in with Alfred, Batman's butler.  You see, earlier this year Alfred the butler died.  But he did not die valiantly trying to save Batman as he died back in 1964, (this IS comic books remember) no he was tied to a chair while Bane senselessly broke his neck to send a message to Batman!

     He sent a message alright, that comics (once the code was relaxed back in the 70s) have become more and more violent.  Heroes with names like, Punisher, Vigilante and Mad Dog have appeared.  Heroes like Green Lantern and Speedy have turned into Arsenal and Warrior.

     The violence is running rampant in comics and although I think in the end the death of Alfred might just be a dream sequence, I want to see more insight and investigation than anguish in my comic books, more knuckle bashing than bullets, more plot than pain and punishment...more heart than harm!

     Now that would be a great comic book!

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Bad Accident and Signing

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  Well there's been an accident in my family concerning a broken shoulder socket and is the reason I have not written in awhile.

     But I am forging ahead and blogging a bunch to wrap up "Batman 80."  I am also signing my latest book, "Crime Blaster 8PM Central (check your local listings)."  I'll be at the Barnes and Noble in Mentor this Saturday (December 21st) from Noon-4pm.  Come on over and we'll talk comics.

     Also, Christmas Eve day, Tuesday, December 24th from 11am-2pm, I'll be in front of Comics and Friends inside the Great Lakes Mall in Mentor signing the same above book.  Stop by and talk comics!

     And next blog, let's get back to talking COMICS!

     Take care and adopt a comic (any comic) book today!  

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Batman, Willoughby, Writing, Pubishing and FREE!

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  If you are free this Saturday, stop by Willoughby Public Library from Noon -3pm to experience a book sale/swap and a lecture on writing for independents AND a local publisher talks about the cost and benefits of self publishing.  It is all free, so come down and visit my table containing my 80th anniversary book... "Everthing Batman" and hear my short lecture and then stick around for Tim Woodside and hear his short talk on publishing for yourself.

     See you there on Oct. 12th (this sat.) Noon-3pm.

     Take care and remember to adopt a comic book (any comic) today!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Sick, Writing (but not sick OF writing) and comics

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  Boy, I've been on a comic book related book tour signing autographs for about six or seven weeks and my health was finally forcing me to rest.  So I did.  but guess how I rested?  THAT'S RIGHT...by reading a ton of comics.

     But right now I am getting ready to blog up a storm by tying the world of comics into current events.  for example, yes, Bruce Wayne filled in at a House Senate vote.  Yes, the bill passed because of Batman.  Holy Politics, Caped Crusader!

Take care and adopt a (political) comic book today!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Heat and Heroes

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  I have not blogged for awhile due to the extreme heat that affected my health, especially after my air conditioner broke down and I was forced to (without my computer) "take to the road."

     But it made me think of some of the heroes (Human Torch, Sunfire and others) and villains (Heat Wave, Split Man, Flame Master and others) that controlled the temperature rising rather tan falling.  Too many times I saw covers filled with melting tar (and other things) as these hot heroes and villains duked it out.

     But all this heat makes me wish for winter.  Of course than I'd have to worry about Mr. Freeze, Captain Cold and well, you get it.  I guess there's no pleasing some people.

     Take care and adopt a comic (one with the villain, Moderate Weather Man if there is such a thing) book today!


Friday, June 21, 2019

Aging Heroes

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  Since this is still the 80th anniversary of Batman, let's talk age.  I nominate Robin (Dick Grayson) as the hero who ages the best compared to real time.  I mean good guys who have been around forever, still look they are on the good side of 30.

     But Dick Grayson started with Batman back in 1940 and 30 years later in 1970, Dick was off to college as an 18 year old.  For comic books, (a one year aged for every three in real time ratio) that's fairly realistic.

     I only bring this subject up because I am currently aging (aren't we all) because this weekend is my birthday...Yahoo!

     Take care and adopt a (Robin or Nightwing) comic book today!

Friday, June 7, 2019

Batman and Clint Eastwood

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  During this 80th year of Batman, I've been running across a lot of old comments from the Burton/Schumaker Bat flics starting back in 1989.  I kept reading how certain people wanted someone "tough" like Clint (who's name was also brought up with Burt Reynolds for Superman a decade earlier) Eastwood.  This had to be a joke since "Dirty Harry" was 59 years old at the time.

     BUT years later his name along with Paul Newman's for the role again, this time as Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond.  Many radio hosts thought this was ridiculous, thinking that both Clint and Paul were WAY too old for the role.  Only they did not understand the concept of Batman Beyond, being that Bruce was now an old man, guiding a new Batman through the new century about 20-30 years from now.

     Oh well, the media does not understand the true, deep, details of the comic universes, they only skim over the gloss, looking for sound bytes as they go.

     Take care and adopt a (Batman) comic book today!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Batman and his hound...Ace

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  Well I said I would be talking about Batman for the rest of the month on the occasion of his 80th birthday.  So here goes.

     When Ace, the Bat Hound, puts on his mask (why, to keep his identity secure for the safety of his loved ones?  He's just a common looking German Shepard for Pete's sake.) to help the Caped Crusader on a case, does he afterwards find a grassy spot and use it as a facility?

     My real question is, is there a special spot or pouch big enough on Batman's utility belt for a pooper scooper?

     Take care and adopt a comic (one with a super pet in it) book today!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Thanks to Batman, News-Herald and Barnes and Noble

     Hello everyone, hope all is well,  Well my book signing yesterday at Barnes and Noble was a great success!  I'm sending out many thanks to Chad, Angie and the rest of the great staff at the bookstore for taking such great care of me and the Bat event yesterday.  Also, many thanks to the News-Herald for all their help and promotions.

     So get ready for more Batman talk for the rest of the month.

     Take care and adopt a (Batman) comic today!

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Check Out Batman E-Comics Gazette Issue

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  If you are a Batman fan like myself, check out my ongoing website, E-Comic Gazette which is being turned over (totally) to Batman this issue (out around the 15th of the month) and stop by Barnes and Noble this Saturday, May 18th, for the big Batman 80th birthday event.  Come on down and chat "Everything Batman" with me (that happens to be the name of my new book) from noon-4pm.  Lots of prizes and Bat discounts on selected items also.

     Take care and adopt a (Batman) comic book today!

Friday, May 10, 2019

Caped Crusader Event...His 80th!

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  In the last couple of weeks, the world has gone so Avengers crazy, that they have forgotten that this month is Batman's 80th birthday.  And to celebrate, Barnes and Noble in Mentor is hosting an event featuring the release of my new book..."Everything Batman."

     May 18, 2019, (Saturday) from Noon -4pm, I'll be signing copies of my new book "Everything Batman" (which includes a bonus book in the back... "Caped Crusader Quotes.").  As the event wears down around 4 o'clock, we will be giving away dozens of old Batman comics (while they last) at a free drawing.  Also there will be some cosplay people there so either look for a favorite hero or dress as one.

     Free Batman coloring sheets for the young at heart and sales on Bat trade paperbacks will be available. 

     Also check out the Batman museum pieces I will be displaying from my personal collection including old toys, comics and statues.  So come on down, talk about Batman with me and remember, wearing Bat costumes will be appreciated.

     Take care and adopt a (Batman) comic book today!

Monday, May 6, 2019

Is It Safe to Talk About The Avengers Yet?

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  Now that everyone on the planet has seen "Avengers: Endgame," I hope I can talk about the flic a bit.

     SPOILER ALERT- I AM going to talk about Avengers!  What was your favorite part?  Mine you ask?  It was when Captain America lifted Thor's hammer and blasted Thanos while Thor chimed in, "I knew it all along!"

     Yes, for only those who are worthy may be able to lift the hammer of Thor.  And we fans of Cap also knew it all along that Cap was worthy, we just never thought about it.

     Take care and adopt (a worthy one, that is) a comic book today!    

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Waiting for the Game to End (please don't end)

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  Omygosh, the Avengers: Endgame starts in mere hours!


     Take care and remember to adopt (an Avengers) comic book today!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

A Comic Book Ambiance

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  As I write this, today is a Tuesday, the day BEFORE comic book day.  And to me that is just as exciting.  You see I can begin to think and to make room for where I'm going to put my newest comics.  Every week I look forward to the remodeling of my den with new four-color material, the greatest building blocks of all construction...comic books!

     And I ponder how tall the stack of comic boxes will be, what dizzying heights they will reach.  Let's call it, as the stack of comic boxes tilt one way and then the other, a sort of feng (pardon the upcoming pun) sway-ing back and forth.  I can't wait til' Wednesday!

     Take care and remember to adopt a comic (one that can preferably be stacked) book today!


Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Detective #1000

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  I have been enjoying a great event all week since last Wednesday.  The event was the release of Detective Comics #1000.  This has been in the works since 1937 and took on more importance (I think) since Batman debuted in the same book in issue 27 80 years ago.  Yep, you do the math, May, 1939-Now, 2019.

     The anniversary gives us 8 different covers, one for each decade.  Before you know it, I bought all 8 (plus a 9th main one) covers for ten bucks each.  And get this, I own from #28 on.  I did own #27 for a summer, but the relative who passed on the current 3 million dollar comic said I was too young to take good care of it.  Yeah, right!

     So to make up for it I got #28 (two copies) to present.  Add that to my Batman #1 to present and I have a lot of Batman stories (too bad mine are all super beater copies, the only way I could afford them).

     So yes, pick up this great comic, this Detective #1000.  I did and now I have 973 issues of Detective.  Yippee!

     Take care and remember to adopt a (Detective Comic) comic book today!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Wickliffe's Mr. Fatica, Comics No, Writers...Yes

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  Today's blog does not have anything to do with comics, so why talk about this long time Wickliffe English teacher by the name of Charles Fatica?

     As a very young boy, my father taught me to read and write long before I hit 1st grade.  So you could say he was my first writing teacher.  But as I began writing adventure stories and comic book scripts in elementary school, I was embraced by another knowledgeable man, my 6th grade English teacher, that same Mr. Fatica mentioned in the title.

     Yes, he knew I liked comic books, but he was more interested in my creative spark, the one that led me to writing comics, sci-fi, to become a columnist, write for the White House, television and radio.

     Now I'm no Stan Lee or Denny O'Neil, Alan Moore or even Will Eisner, but I bet all of these men and more all had a Mr. Fatica in their lives, spurring them on to greatness.

     I did and although my great friend and mentor has recently passed away, the writing that he coached from me will continue and in that way he will indeed live on.

     Take care and remember to adopt a comic (anything with fine writing in it) book today!

Sunday, March 3, 2019

You Need an Umbrella!

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  You know, I have heard many good things about the "Umbrella Academy" comic book.  Well guess what...THEY ARE ALL TRUE!

     And the Netflix series (which I'm binge watching right now) is even better, so hop on the stick (or in this case the umbrella) and watch this great show!

     Take care and adopt any comic that has an umbrella in it.

Friday, February 8, 2019

A Lost Superman Story?

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  Just a few days ago I picked up a thick Superman comic called, "Man and Superman."  It dealt with Clark Kent's first week in Metropolis.

     The story was originally slated as a 4 part mini-series for a new comic entitled, "Superman Confidential."  Too bad the project was cancelled before seeing the light of day, especially since it was written by comic scribe-supreme, Marv Wolfman.

     But now, over a decade later, it has arrived in one prestige format book and it is great!  Ask for it by name...you won't be sorry!

     Take care and adopt a (Marv Wolfman) comic book today!

Monday, January 28, 2019

Politics in Comics?

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  With all of the political shutdown/re-opening stuff going on, was there any politics in comics?

     Yes and three of my favorites were, "The Senator's been Shot," from Brave and Bold #85 (the first appearance of Green arrow in his longer hair and beard) as well as "Prez" which was a short lived comic in the early 70s about a teen President.

     And lastly, who could forget "Super President," which was an interesting Saturday morning cartoon back in the mid 60s.   I think it was on channel three in the Cleveland, Ohio area shown at 9:30 am.

     Take care and adopt a (political, even if it's silly) comic book today!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Aquaman, a Must "Sea"

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  I went to see Aquaman over the holidays and found it to be pretty darn good.  Yes, there were two villains in the film, but Black Manta was little more than a set-up for #2.
     I will say that Patrick Wilson as Orm, Ocean Master, almost steals the show the way Loki did in Avengers some years back.  Not a perfect fim, mind you, but not as dark as Batman V Superman from a few years back.

     Boiling this down to a few words, I must say that Aquaman is one film that...holds water.

     Take care and adopt a comic (one with water in it) book today!