Monday, July 9, 2018

Marvel Spiderman Co-Creator, Ditko, Dies

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  Late last week, Steve Ditko, creator or co-creator of "Hawk and Dove," "Creeper," "The Question," "Dr. Strange" and "Spiderman" passed away.  But the brilliant and quirky creator/artist/writer was such a recluse in life that when his body was found, it was determined that he had already been dead for a few days.

     Steve Ditko, who some say was hard to get along with, argued with Stan Lee over the direction of Spiderman and quit the very day that he received a generous page rate hike.

     Over at DC Comics, Steve supposedly quit his own book, The Creeper, due to some minor writing that stated that one "ex-con" had some helpful information.  Steve's "objectivism" beliefs (Steve was an ardent follower of author, Ayn Rand and her beliefs) led him to think that there were no "ex" cons, only cons.  His set in stone thinking led to the creation of The Question and a sterner vision character, Mr. A.  Alan Moore based his own Rorchach character on the Question.

     I will have more on Steve Ditko, soon.

     Take care and adopt a (Steve Ditko) comic book today!