Monday, May 14, 2018

Another Lois Lost!

     I just learned, although no medical reason was given, that Margot Kidder, the Canadian actress who played Lois Lane, opposite Christopher Reeves, passed away at the age of 69. 

     Besides the 4 Superman films, Margot also played in "Amityville Horror" and Pygmalion, opposite Peter O'Toole for Showtime.

     Noel Neil just passed away fairly recently (I'm not sure if Phylis Coates is still with us or not) so some of the earliest, iconic Lois's are now gone. 

     Who now is all of the older Clarks going to get teased by?

     Take care and adopt a (Lois Lane) comic book today!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Thanos...Jor-el Gone Wrong?

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  I finally got to see Avengers: The Infinity War.  Well, talk about 3 hours of slugfest with some plot and pathos thrown in!  And although it does not follow the plot of the comic, at least the end result is attempting to be the same.

     But the reasoning...come on already!  In the comics, Thanos has a longing, almost a love for the character of Death.  He wants to destroy all of the stars (aka everything in universe) to give to Death as a token of his love.

     In the film though, he reasons with his home planet that if everyone does not "thin out the herd" (humanity) the planet and universe will destroy itself just the same.  They scoff at him and he goes ahead with his own plans anyway.

     Hmmm, throw in a rocketed to Earth baby before things go blooey and you've got Jor-el and Superman's origin.  Thanos does not deserve even this iota of pathos.  He is pure evil and I would have preferred the comic book reasoning for his actions, but then again, I did not shell out 500 million just to film this movie.

     Take care and adopt a (Thanos) comic book today!