Monday, February 12, 2018

Why Write About John Gavin?

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  You know there is a reason to write about John Gavin in a comic book blog.  You see, the recently departed actor was once paid $100,000 to play James Bond on the big screen.  But when Sean Connery came back for the "Diamonds Are Forever" flic, Gavin was paid off (not to be in the film) and became a Bond trivia point.

     And Bond has appeared in comic books as well as comic strips, hence, his mention here. 

     Also, on a stranger note, there was an artist by the name of J. (Jay) Gavin, (whose real name was Werner Roth) who drew the X-Men for about five or six issues starting around issue #20, right about the time Roy Thomas began writing the comic containing mutant teams.  Not bad, trivia about two different J. Gavins.

     Take care and adopt a (Jay Gavin) comic or John Gavin (movie) today!

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