Friday, April 22, 2016

Bat V Superman...Novel Idea

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  After having almost a month of health problems and figuring out my Dad's estate after his recent passing, (which explains my absence from this blog) I finally had time to see the Batman V Superman movie.

     And in the first half hour the film bored me, in the next thirty, I hated it.  But like all other Zack Snyder films (mostly Watchmen) they are quite condensed, and very much detail laden.  By the halfway point I loved this movie and considered it great.  And the Doomsday tack on part at the end worked because it was secretly part of the plot all (unlike the tack on Two-Face in the 2nd Chris Nolan Bat flic) along.

     It was a good film but I must say that it was more like a novel AS a film than a straight film and I would very much love to read the adaptation to see how the novelization reads, since this film views indeed like a novel reads.  And Affleck is the best Batman since Keaton's first outing.

     Take care and adopt a (thick, novel-like) comic book today!