Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Free Comic Day Signings

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  Free Comic Book Day (a national event for over ten years) is upon us (May 2nd).  And this Saturday, painter/artist David Russell and myself will be at Comics and Friends (located at the Great Lakes Mall) from Noon till 3pm.  Then from 3:15 on, we'll be at Comic Heaven located on Robinhood Dr. until around 6pm.  Our new comic magazine The Lawtroopers will be debuting that day.  Come talk, get books signed and have some free sketches done of some of our superheroes.  Hope to see you then.

     Take care and adopt (a free) comic book today!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Steam AND Punk!

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  Just want to tell you about another couple of books I latched onto.  It seems the Dynamite comic company has started a sub print of a few of their titles.  Try them out....I did, they have transformed a few of their titles to Steam Punk.

     Legenderry is the sub title.  Green Hornet is the character.  I really enjoy this one and it's only on issue #3, so there's still time to hop on board

     Take care and adopt a comic (with lots of steam) today!


Friday, April 10, 2015

Convergence or Reboot?

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  Lately, DC Comics has started a new weekly series meant to rid themselves of all of the many Earths and dimensions that DC has piled up over the years.  Or maybe they're trying to revive reader interest in the readers that they do have left that are still reading their books.

     Either way, it seems like every half generation or so, DC tries to clean the deck of all continuity problems.  It seems as if telling good stories are no longer enough.  Well, maybe if they were telling good stories it would be.  Soon maybe, the revamps will come sooner and sooner, the events almost a monthly thing, like good comics were in the old days.

     But I'm going to continue with this weekly series because so far...it is a pretty good story.  Lately, that is an oddity in itself.

     Take care and remember to adopt (and converge on your comic shop) a comic today!