Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Comic Minus an Actor

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  Does anyone remember the Roger Rabbit movie from some years back?  Well there were some comics released from that movie too.  And it seems that Bob Hoskins, the main actor from that film died yesterday.

     Well Bob had another comic book/movie tie-in.  He played the studio head in Hollywoodland, the film that was a mild bio-pic of actor George Reeves (portrayed by Ben Affleck) who played in the Superman television series.  We'll miss you Bob.

     Don't forget my two new books debuting on free comic day (Sat. May 3rd) at Comics and friends at the Great Lakes Mall from Noon-Three pm.  Then from 4pm-7pm at Comic Heaven later the same day.  Hope to see you.

     Take care and adopt a comic book today.

Monday, April 28, 2014

New Comic Hero Debuts

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  As I've stated earlier in the week, I have a new novel, "Saucers," about aliens helping Germany during and after WWII.  But I also have a new comic magazine, "I-Qube, Hero in a Box," coming out this Saturday also.  I'll be at Comics and Friends in the Great Lakes Mall from Noon to 3pm.  I'll be appearing with Tom Batiuk of Crankshaft and Funky Winkerbean fame as well as Jeremy Freeman of Deadpool fame.  From 4pm to 7pm, I'll be at Comic Heaven on Robinhood Drive in Willoughby.

     So hope to see you at one place or another. 

     Take care and adopt a comic book today.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Signings and "Saucers"

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  Today I'm talking about my new novel, "Saucers" (During WWII, did Hitler have the best scientists or just the best help?).  This will be a WWII and post-WWII sci-fi action book sporting a knockout cover of Hitler and an alien by my friend, David Russell.  Check out my May 1st edition of my website, E-Comics Gazette for more pictures and info.  Hint: Will men from Mars, help Hitler finally win?

     The book will debut May 3rd, 2014, free comic day.  I will be appearing and signing copies at Comics and Friends at the Great Lakes Mall, in Mentor, Ohio that day, from Noon until 3:00pm.  There, I will be appearing with an old friend, Jeremy Cooper, inker from Deadpool and also someone who I've done some signings with in the past...Tom Batiuk fro Funky Winkerbean and Crankshaft.   Later, from 4pm until 7pm the same day, I'll be signing copies at Comic Heaven, located on Robinhood Dr. in Willoughby, Ohio.  Hope to see all of you at one place or another on Free Comic Day.

     Take care and adopt a comic book today!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Blessed by Comics

     Hi everyone, I hope all is well.  Within the last week I was given a gift from the world of comics.  You see, I recently wrote an obituary of a fine gentleman (Bud Jones) who wrote "Hagar the Horrible" and before that, created and wrote "Mr. Abernathy," a fine esoteric strip from the 1950s an 60s.

     Within a week I heard from the family of Mr. Jones.  His four sons had given me a present of an original, one of a kind, comic strip from 1963.  This is not only a very rare gift, but an appreciated one as well, more than I can convey in a mere blog.  But I am happy and proud his sons and their brother-in-law, Chuck, chose to honor me in this fashion.

     But this isn't the first time I have been so honored.  In my past associations with all things comics and comic related, I've met and become friends with artist supreme, Gene Colon, who always treated me like a neighbor and pal.  George Tuska, a great Iron Man artist, sent me presents of artwork because he thought I deserved such a thing for Christmas.  Greeting Cards would always come from Dan Spiegle, artist of "Lost in Space" as well as my own favorite Blackhawk.
     The great Neal Adams befriended me as well as Sea Devils artist, Russ Heath.  And let's not forget Mark Evanier who always stopped at conventions to offer me a chair and to compare diabetes notes with me.  There are more, but you get the drift.  By becoming part of the comic book and comic strip world, I have been befriended by the greats and the near greats, something I would have never imagined happening when I picked up my first comic book way back when.  I guess looking back at my life within my favorite hobby, I guess I've been blessed.

     Take care (especially Chip, Jeff, Chris, Doug and Chuck) and adopt a comic book or strip today. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Comics

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  Today I just want to wish everyone a very happy Easter.  I got to talk to my Dad for quite a while today and was overjoyed that he was feeling up to a long conversation on music and...COMICS!

     One of my favorite comics from around this time of year is the treasury sized edition of "THE BIBLE," put out by DC in the mid 1970's.  Great art by Nestor Redondo, who also worked on Rima, the Jungle Girl,  Great book overall.

     Well make sure you have a nice holiday and...

     Take care and adopt a comic book today.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Friends with No Comics

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  I've been too busy to blog for awhile, but I hope to make up for it now.  In the old days, I would try to explain the rapture to my non-comic reading friends that I received when a great new comic book hit the stands.  But most of my pleas fell on deaf ears.  So I kept to my own world and my own people.

     Now this has nothing to do with all of the popularity of the blockbuster movies out right now that are connected to comics, but just plain friendship and new technology.  I bumped into an old dear friend of mine at the Wickliffe post office and he mentioned to me that he had finally got the hang of reading and following blogs and was following my writings from the News-Herald blog site.  But he was dismayed to see I had not blogged recently.  Well here I am and a great shout out to my dear non-comic reading friend...Bruce.  Many thanks.

     Take care and adopt a comic book (this means you, Bruce) today.