Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Comics, My Worlds

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  Today, as the new year has been underway for a few weeks now, I've been thinking about my favorite hobby, my favorite world.  And it is indeed like a different world to me.

      In my world of comics, I'm not at the grocery store or the post office or the gas station.  No, instead I'm on a different planet fighting large monsters, saving strange civilizations (or reading about civilizations being saved).  Other times, I'm in dark alleys waiting for evil men to emerge from the shadows and my gun, or the someone's gun I'm reading about, is always at the ready, hidden within the fold of a trench coat.

     Most of the time, the people in my worlds fly through the air, capes streaming behind them as they save the day, and always in the nick of time.  In my worlds, good is always rewarded; evil always punished.  And what's more, all of my worlds are exciting and tell me where "the end" is, so I can put down "That World" and begin my search for yet another world.

     My point is, if I'm writing a comic or a novel, these worlds are accessible to me with the mere touch of an "ON" button on my computer and a brush of a keystroke...the white, blank screen facing me, giving me a passport to another place, another dimension, another cluster of worlds.  And if I'm reading comics or novels, the passageway to these other worlds are open to me not with the travel aid of a car, airplane or spaceship...but with the mere turn of the printed page.

     So if your world is getting to be a bit hectic, take a few minutes per week to visit one of my worlds.  Stop by a bookstore, a library or a comic book shop and gain entrance to worlds where adventure and heroism occurs almost every other paragraph or every few panels.  I know I do, every time I pick up one of my purchases, I've already reached one of my worlds, worlds that are shouting to me with their colorful covers..."Come on in and read me!"  That's when I know I'm there.

     Take care and adopt a comic or novel (any comic, any novel) today.


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bursting Pipes/Dying Comics

     Hi everyone, hope you're all warm and safe.  Well, finally someone was affected by the Arctic Vortex that I know.  My friend's garage had three burst pipes last week (two cold and one hot water pipe) and it was exactly where he stored his comics.  The room was sprayed for hours while he was at work.  Ten Thousand comics were affected.  Luckily, all were covered in plastic bags, but because of the condensation from the steam, he had to take every comic out of its protective bag and wipe the moisture from the book before the comic wrinkled.

     He thinks he saved all the comics, but I'm going to start a fund to replace all the bags and boards which by themselves might cost almost a thousand bucks.  Well, I hope all of you had a less hectic week as far as your hobbies go.

     Take care and adopt a (water-free) comic book today.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Boxes,Bags, Comics and New Year

     Hi everyone, hope your new year is doing fine so far.  Personally, I stayed up late and read Twilight Zone comics from my collection while watching episodes from the Sy-Fy channel marathon.  After that, I've been spending the last few days re-bagging some of my best comics (don't want dusty old bags to make my babies looking yuchhy) and rearranging exactly what is in each of my comic boxes.  My next task?  I've got to make the labels on my comic boxes slightly bigger so as to read and identify them easier.

     So what have all of you been doing for the new year as well as your comic collections?  Taking good care of them I hope. 

     Take care and adopt a comic book today.