Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We Are All Super Heroes

     Hi everyone, hope all is well with you.  Today I will be writing about my wonderful hobby of comics, but I have to add something extra to the conversation.  You see, of all the comics in my collection (at one point about 35000, now just ten or so) I see so many characters in colorful outfits, flying around town saving the day as well as saving the world.  And I have been collecting since I was three, so that's a fair amount of heroes and world saving I've witnessed.

     But on the other hand my time on earth has allowed me to see a lot of regular people, going about their business from day to day, wearing their costumes (suits and ties, uniforms ect.) and saving the world also, that is their world, by earning the paychecks at their jobs and taking the money home for their families.

     Some of these people have even saved my world as I go to them for help in emergencies.  For when I need money, I go to the hero named...The Banker and when my car breaks down I call for help to...The Mechanic.  But you can see where I'm going with this.  It's hard to keep these heroes down.  They always find a way to pull through.  Sure, there's some bad guys out there in the real world, just as in comics, but you get what I mean, most strive for goodness.

     It's just a simple case of when I go to my storage units, I see lots of brightly colored comics, the masthead atop the book proudly proclaiming which hero is starring in that particular comic.  But when I go outside, I see the very same thing, lots of wonderful friends and neighbors that are working hard to take care of their world.  They may not possess superhuman powers, but they try hard just the same.  And when I see these people out in the real world, the only thing different from the comic book fellas is that I don't see any logos over the heads of my neighbors declaring their issue number and publication status.  But everyone out there still belongs to the greatest super team of all.  No, not The Avengers or the Justice League, it's a team called...The Human Race and I think we are all super heroes.  Take care and adopt a comic book today.

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