Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"My" Free Comic Day

     Hi everyone, hope you're doing fine.  This Saturday is Free Comic Day, which has been a tradition for about a decade now.  But guess what?  My Dad started the tradition over 30 years ago.  It started when he said, "Hey pal, I'm going to the store, can I bring you back a comic book?"

     My reply of course was, "Yea, thanks Dad."  Because back then, ALL my comics were free (thanks to Dad).  Later, as a teenager, my Dad gave me a pile of his old comics that he had saved from when he was young.  Again I said, "Thanks Dad."  Because again they were FREE comics to me.

     Nowadays my Dad will call me on the phone and ask me how Batman (His favorite character as well as mine) is doing.  I'll explain the most recent issues or send him a trade paperback with a compilation of a complete series of Batman comics.

     So it seems that everything has come full circle.  Years ago, free comics came to me through my Dad.  Now the free comics flow back the other way to my Dad.  And in both cases, the comics travelled back and forth through the years...with lots of love.

PS: I'll be appearing on May 4th, Saturday (free comic day) from 11:00 am-to 2:30PM at Comic Heaven (on Robinhood Dr. in Willoughby) signing autographs on my new sci-fi paperbacks, "The Galaxy Clan" and "The GlobeSpanners"   Then at 3:00Pm to 7:00PM I'll be at the Great Lakes Mall signing my same two new books at Comics and Friends with friend and artist David Russell.

     Hope to see you and don't forget to adopt a (FREE) comic today.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Last Comedian

     Hi everyone, hope you are doing fine, because personally I've been hit with more bad news, but I'm continuing to plug away and to TALK COMICS!

     I'm not sure if everyone has been reading the prequel to The Watchman series from the mid-80's, but it has been pretty good.  Not every issue has been of superior quality, but overall it's been worth reading...that is until now.  Now it is wonderful with a capital, "W."

     The last part came out this week and was The Comedian, part 6 of 6 and let me tell you it is one of the GREATEST comics I've read in a while.  Readers finally see how the blood got on the smile button that starts the Watchmen series from way back.  And here's a clue for you all, (The Walrus was Paul, whoops, scratch that) the blood may not be the Comedian's but actually someone famous and that's all I want to say since I don't want to ruin it for you but pleeeeeease pick up a copy of this comic, you'll be glad you did.

     Next time out I'll get back on the Superman track and more of my favorite stories from the big, blue boyscout.  Also I have a few new books coming out this week that I will talk about if I can keep standing straight up and down but more on that also at a later time.  Just keep your fingers crossed, OK?  Thanks

     Meanwhile, take care and adopt a comic book today.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Favorite Supermans

     Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well and as promised, for the next few months, I'll be talking about Superman off and on.  Today, here is one of my favorite stories.

     In Action Comics #554, two young boys live on a planet where the heroic ideal has been extinguished by invading aliens.  Two young boys create a hero on paper that comes to life to save the day.  The two young boys call each other Jerry and Joe.  This tale by Marv Wolfman and Gil Kane is tremendous.  Hunt it down and enjoy, it's one of my favorites.

     Take care and adopt a (Superman) comic today.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Superman 75 Today

     Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well and welcome to the actual 3/4 of a century birthday for Cleveland's own Man of Steel.  Today and off and on for the next two months (coinciding with the cover date, June 1938, of Action Comics #1) I'll be talking about behind the scene stories of our best homegrown hero as well as some of my favorite written and drawn tales of the Metropolis Marvel.

     April 18th, 1938 is considered the day our big boyscout hit the spinner racks, lo those 71/2 decades ago, so without any further ado... "duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh you say it's your (think Beatles, White Album) birthday.

     Take care and adopt a (Superman) comic today.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just a Few til 75

     Hi everyone, did you know that in about six hours it will be Superman's officisl 75th birthday?  I should know, as a young man a quarter of a century ago, I helped write the "Superman at 50" book.  Now the Man of Steel still looks great but I'm putting on a few pounds.  Hmmmm.

     Well, from here through June, which is the cover date of Action #1, Superman's debut appearance, I'll be dropping some tidbits about Superman, the character as well as some of the writers and artists that have produced him over the years.

     Also I'll be giving you a few of my favorite stories from that famous super-Clevelander.

     Take care and adopt a Superman comic today.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another Great...Lost

     Hi everyone, the weather is getting a touch better here outside Cleveland and I hope you are all enjoying it.  But on to more serious things.

     It seems like at this point in comic book history, a lot of the Golden and Silver age artists and writers are passing away, since so many of the greats are at least in their 80's if not older (for instance, Stan Lee just turned 90 last Christmas).  Within the last few days, comics great Carmine Infantino passed away.  He was 87 years old.

     Starting as the Flash artist in the late 1940's, Carmine changed his art style in the 1950's, creating a new, streamlined, art-deco type revolutionary style which fit the new Flash in 1956, while literally creating the Silver age with the landmark Showcase #4 comic.  Recently passed great Joe Kubert inked that same issue.

     But it was in 1968, when Infantino was elevated to Artistic Director of DC that the company went through a refreshing revitalization.  Hiring artists as book editors instead of writers, DC Comics had a look between 1968-72 that was magnificent.

     DC rewarded Carmine by making him publisher in 1972, but even after laying the groundwork for the Chris Reeves movie in the 70's, Carmine was fired after Marvel Comics overtook DC in overall market share.  He went over to Marvel then and drew Star Wars before returni ng to DC to draw Flah for about 60 issues.  He was also best known for helping save Batman in 1964 during what was called, "The New Look," and art on Adam Strange.     He was a giant in the industry.

     Take care and adopt a (Carmine Infantino) comic book today.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Super Day, Super Pets

     Hi everyone.  I had a great day yesterday.  I was at the News-Herald for awhile talking about some articles I wrote.  I then stopped at Lakeland and recieved some accolades from some Profs that read my recent novels, even treating me to dinner they were so happy.  This offset all of the hospital junk I went through Monday.  So it was a great day.

     It also brightened up the sixth anniversary of having to put my little dog Ripley to sleep after 17 straight years (since she was six weeks old, with only eight days away for a vacation) together.  With her little pawas around my neck and licking my face, I held the hand that pushed down the plunger sending her to doggie heaven.

     But after the nice day I had yesterday, I went home and read the Superman comic that re-united The Man of Steel with Krypto, the super dog, who had been with Superman almost all of his life.  The last several pages showed the pair romping together through space and enjoying each other's company. 

     I read the scene several times, thought of my years spent with Ripley, and then....fought the urge to cry for the rest of the day.

     Take care, kiss or hug your pet and adopt a comic book today.

Monday, April 1, 2013

A New Spiderman?

     Hi everyone.  Does everyone still have the Easter egg hangover filled with too much ham and such?  Not me, I just got out of the hospital where the doctor found "something" in my heart (as in a new very minor problem) but nothing major.  That makes me happy but why the title of this blog?

     That's because of the isotopes they put in my veins causing one friend to refer to me as "Spiderman," because like the old song, "He's got radioactive blood."  To which I can only add and parody, "Look out, there goes a once spry man!"  Believe me, if you sing the song the joke fits perfectly.

     And keep reading because I've got lots of new thoughts, tips and comic talk coming up soooooo, Comics:don't get me started!

     Take care and adopt a comic book today!