Sunday, March 31, 2013


     Happy Easter to all of you.  Hope you all had a nice weekend.  Personally, I shopped for a bunch of old comics and had...FUN!

     Keep your fingers crossed for me Monday as I have the Manhattan Project rammed through my heart.  But I'll stay on the couch reading for two days after that.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.  Talk to you on Tuesday.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Nuclear Bad Guys

     Hi everyone, ready for Easter?  Today I'm wondering if any of you comic fans remember Nuklo, the radioactive bad guy from the Avengers Giant Size series?  There's also the Radioactive Man who was putting up his glowing dukes against the same Avengers way back in #6.  These are just a couple of them.

     I'm thinking of these bad guys right now since I'm going to get radioactivity blasted into my heart on Monday to check my heart that is still giving me a minor, minor, minor concern.  I'll be running on a treadmill while docs take pics of my arteries.

     Hey, that reminds me of other superheroes and such...the Flash's Cosmic Readmill that he uses for time travel.  Holy Cow, if I run to fast, maybe I'll transport myself back to the past...where I'll take better care of my health to start with.

     Take care, keep your fingers crossed and remember to adopt a comic book today. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

More Dead Robins

     Hi everyone.  Not long ago, I appeared on a radio show from the Great Lakes mall, as I do once a month to talk about pop culture, comics and movies.  The last time I appeared, the subject of Batman came up.  I talked about the death of Damien, the illegetimate son of Batman with Talia, the daughter of Rahs Al Ghul.  This birthing event originated in a very obscure graphic novel from 30 years ago entitled, "Son of the Demon."  But with comic book time being what it is, Damien was only nine years old or so when he re-appeared and then bit the dust.

     Now this is the second Robin that Batman has lost, the first that is actually his son!  When will this guy start going solo and reduce the risk to all of the kids in capes around him?  Now I know why they call them "Robin Red Breasts," from all the beatings and shootings and stabbings they've had to endure while in the care of Batman.

     Well, take care and don't forget to adopt a comic book today.

     Signed, Chris, never to become Robin, the blogger.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Comics, Cold and Movie

     Hi everyone, I hope you're staying warm which brings me to today's comments.

     Captain Cold, Icecicle, Mr. Freeze.  These are all bad guys that are cold or have cold powers.  I bring this up because it has REALLY been COLD this week in Cleveland.  I just wanted to say that.

     Also, A movie I had a small part in, They Came From the Attic, debuts Friday night, March 22nd, at the Wickliffe VFW Hall.  Doors open at 7 pm, movie starts at 8PM.  It's about an hour long and free.  I play a benevolent alien out to warn Earth.  Hope to see you.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Odds of March and Green

     Hi everyone, hope you had a relatively nice St. Patrick's Day.  Also last Friday was the 15th of March, or as Ceasar was warned, The "Ides of March."  But I like to think of some of the strange comics that were released over the years and call it the "Odds of March."

     Super Chief was an odd one.  He was an indian chief during the 1800's that wore a bison head as a cowl and he indeed did have super powers.  His strip only ran three issues.

     One version of Captain Marvel was where he yelled "split!"  Indeed, his body split into four and every quarter went after the bad guy.  This too lasted thankfully a brief time.  I'll take the Cap that yelled "Shazam" every time.

     Brother Power, the Geek was one of the oddest.  A man sized rag doll that was somehow brought to life by hippies (this was 1968-69) and this thing went out to do good.  Two issues later, it wasn't.

     But let's not forget the Green.  Coinciding with St. Patties day, there seemed to be a lot of green super heroes.  Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Green Lama, Green Hornet.  But you get the picture.

     In fact, I'm guessing that some of those "odd" heroes, were almost "green" with envy over the careers that these "Lawn-Colored Lawmen" had.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Yellow Matters

     Hi everyone.  Aand like tody's title, yes, to me yellow does matter (no, I'm not talking about the Beatles yellow matters as  in..."dripping from a **** dog's eye, from "I am the Walrus).  I'm talking about going to the local diner and they always have ketchup out awaiting your burger, but mustard, nooooooo.  To me, that 's the yellow that matters.

     How does that relate to comics?  Well yellow happens to be the weakness of Green Lantern.  Well at least at one time it did, there have been at least three or four re-boots in the last decade so I have to check my notes.  The original GL from WWII had a weakness of wood.  So that explains the old joke of how you take out two Green Lanterns at once.  You use a yellow #2 pencil.  Let's LOL.

     I'd carry on a little more, but I'm writing this on a laptop in a diner and I'm looking for that yellow condiment.  Hmmm, this service doesn't seem to "cut the mustard."