Monday, January 28, 2013

E-Meeting For Comics

     Hi everyone.  Today I'm going to chat about something slightly different.  You see, last night (Sunday) I met with several new and old artists that work with me on many of my comic and book projects for dinner at Peties diner at Shoregate Shopping Center.

     Artist, Rob S, Jenn W as well as publisher Tim W shared art and a meal with me.  Artists Jamie L and Becky T  and Scott S could not make it due to illness and prior committments.  But their artwork was displayed as I brought it to the meet and we all decided what should be printed for which projects and which drawings should be used for my website, The E-Comics Gazette.  Please check out the site, it's free and has lots of stories and drawings from older stories that have been archived.  It goes live on the first and fifteenth of every month.  It's indeed the "Magazine on your Monitor."

     Take care and remember to adopt a comic book today.  

Monday, January 21, 2013

Comic and Life Review

     Hi everyone.  My cold is warm and my flu has flown.  But since it istill early in the year, I would like to talk about some of the great books from last year.

     JLA- Good writing and good art and so far a real roller-coaster ride for a tremendous comic.  Let's hope they can keep it up.

     Spiderman- Peter's dead or is he?  keep watching the new comic, Superior Spiderman, I will be.

     Captain America- It's weird.  Cap's in another dimension where he has been for a whole year now, trying to live in a post-nuclear type world.  You'll love it or hate it, but I'm going to keep reading.

     Aquaman- He sleeps with the fishes, but I don't need an offer I can't refuse to LOVE this book.

     Now reviews are one thing and I certainly love looking back and nostalgia type things.  But let me remind all of you reading, that comics (along with life) must be addressed head on.  There are many comics and good things in life that are in our future.  So let's not get so wrapped up in looking over our shoulders that we forget to look ahead...and enjoy life...and our comics to come.

     Take care and please adopt a comic book today.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Comic Book Day of Sorts

     Hi everyone out there.  Hope all of you have recovered from the holidays.  I know I have and guess what I'm going to do to start the new year?

     That would be spending the day sorting all of the comics that I have left out the last few months, especially all of the Batman comics that I used for research on my book, "My Batman (and maybe yours too)."  Yes those babies are sitll piled up around my den in stacks

     Some of the neighbor kids (actually college age) next door have said they will help me with the task before they leave to crack the books once more in out of town universities.

     So it may sound like work, sorting over a thousand or two comics, but I'm going to have pleasant company, like-minded people who love Batman and a lot of my comics in front of me, so it will be much more of a fun experience for me than you would think..."sort" of.

     Take care and adopt a comic book today.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Comic Resolutions

     Hi everyone, hope you had a SAFE and happy holiday last night and today.  Personally, I'm having a Twilight Zone comic book AND T.V. marathon hangover.  But besides watching the show and reading my stack of comics that were published by Dell Comics, I took out (have not got them framed yet) and admired my two original oil painting comic covers from the series.  Both were painted by the master of comic book idols, George Wilson.

     But now for my resolution.  No, I'm NOT going to start treating my comics nicer, since I already do that.  I'm going to take the lessons I've learned from reading years of comics, the writing of such RESOLUTE characters as they face danger, the firm RESOLVE drawn onto the heroe's faces as they advance towards the uncertain and I'm going to use those emotions and feelings and ply them a little more towards the things I face in my own daily activities.  No, there won't be any super villains that I'll have to go up against and use these lessons on, just a much bigger and more difficult entity, one called...LIFE.

     With the lessons I've learned from comics and my other many experiences, I"m betting I'm going to win.

     HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  And don't forget to adopt a comic book this year.