Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Comics at Christmastime

     Merry Christmas everyone, I hope all of you are having a safe and happy holiday.  But it is this very thought of happiness and peace and safety that I'd like to talk about.

     You see, everytime I go into a comic shop, I meet like-minded people and whether friend or stranger, conversations break out along friendly, informative lines, almost like a United Nations, except we don't discus countries and their problems or which nation is mightier.  We usually discuss who is stronger, Superman or Thor?  And we usually do it in a peaceful, friendly manner.

     Now I'm not saying that the atmospher inside comic shops are a blueprint for world peace, but they are a micrcosm of people getting along and sharing small peices of their lives, even if it's only for a few minutes at a time.  You see, it's hard to fight one another while holding a copy of Batman #232 in your hand, or Spiderman #122 or Avengers #63 or...well, you get my drift.  Shaking the hand of a new customer, or hugging a fellow comic book fan you have not seen in awhile before they checkout with their purchase, that only allows time for a few moments of peace on earth.

     Maybe we should all talk more, smile more, be more friendly to one another...and read a comic.  It certainly wouldn't lead to anything bad.  Happy Holidays!


Monday, December 24, 2012

My Dog,The Snow and Holidays

     Hi everyone, I hope all of you are doing fine this day before Christmas.  Today I look out the window and see the snow that has finally arrived in our area and I think of one thing only.  And that would be my late dog, Ripley.

     You  see, when she was a puppy, she was very aware that comics were important to me.  She would gingerly step in-between the piles of comics I had out all over the living room floor as I sorted and seperated.  I usually did this sort of thing on cold winter nights when I was snug in the house, close to Christmas time.

     One time though, Ripley picked up an X-Man comic by the corner of the plastic bag it was wrapped and protected in.  She began to walk away, looking over her shoulder at me as I pulled out a doggie treat from my pocket.  She gently dropped the comic back in my lap and took the treat.  A doggie treat for X-Man #31...best trade I ever made.

     I still look at video of me making snow angels in the back yard, while she jumped on my chest.  She's been gone for years now, but I carry her with me in my thoughts.  You see, no two dogs are alike, no two snowflakes are alike, no two comics or holidays or friends or families are alike.

     And maybe that's my point.  There's just one of everything great.  So over the holidays, stop to appreciate that gift or kiss or hug or compliment given.  Smile at the get-togethers and the relatives present.  Remind the friends and wonderful bosses why they are friends and wonderful bosses.  Then look in the mirror and give yourself a smile and appreciate things, whatever thing that are present in your life.  I bet you'll find something to smile about.  Happy Holidays everyone! 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Last Signing of Year

     Hi everyone, hope you're staying warm.  Just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be at Comic Heaven tomorrow, Saturday December 22nd from 4-7pm signing copies of my newest book, My Batman (and maybe yours too!).

     Also, there will be a $2.00 DISCOUNT on all books signed during that time.  Hope to see a lot of you there so we can do the Bat-Chat and talk about my favorite comic character.  After that I will be resting for the holiday, since I've been doing so many signings in the area the last few months.

     I will be blogging to you before Tuesday, so I won't say happy holidays to you yet.  But please do remember to adopt a comic book today.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Comic X-Mas Party

     Hi everyone, I hope everyone is maybe getting a handle on the spat of tragedies that keep popping up in our country.  I handled the situation by spending my time with friends.  And since I was invited to a local comic shop for a party...well, anything to forget the sadness of the the past few (and my heart indeed goes out to those families with loss) days.

     I spent a few hours last night eating (yes a catered affair!) and meeting new people and old friends at Comic Heaven.  I will be doing a book signing there on this upcoming Saturday, but was quite pleased when I recieved the invite last week.  Rigatoni was my food of choice and as the tables and chairs quickly filled up, I fought the urge to lean against and set my plate down on the top of the back issue comic bins.  Nooooo, what a sin that would be, even though all of the comics are covered in plastic.

     I'd like to see more of these types of things around the calender.  Call them comic book clubs with snacks.  But stop by Comic Heaven Sat. Dec. 22nd, from 4-7 pm.  This will be the last book signing of the year for my Batman book, which will be marked down $2 for a last minute Christmas sale, "My Batman (and maybe yours too!)  Hope to see you and I really hope there is food.

     Take care and adopt a comic book today.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Marvel Comics...Now!

     Hi everyone, hope all of you are well along in the X-Mas shopping department.  I'm heading for the finish line myself.  But I've also been picking up some new comics and find for the most part they are decent and will give them a longer "look at."

     Marvel "Now" is what the Disney controlled comics are starting up.  It's sort of an answer I guess to last years DC The "New 52."  We'll see what happens.  For now I like about half of what I've read but you must realise this is not a total jumping on point, reboot.  These new #1's are all still keeping with ongoing storylines and if you pick up the new Fantastic Four or X-Men titles, don't be suprised to still see 50 people in each book.

     Take care and good shopping.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Comic Shopping

     Hi everyone, today started my Christmas shopping and already I've picked up a couple of complete continued stories, a few collections of summer annuals and some special one-shots that I'm giving to friends.  Well of course I am, most of my real friends collect comics like me so what else would I get them?

     The best thing about this plan, I love shopping for comics and know where to look.  Since I still have a whole lot of comics, first I go through my collection and figure out what my friends would like.

     I've already picked up stuff for the kids next door and two pals, with plenty of time left.  I suppose I should cut this short and give you readers time to head out for some shopping of your own.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.