Monday, October 1, 2012

My Giant Reading List

     Hi everyone, you would not believe what I'm currently reading all at the same time.  Yes, some of it is comics because this is a comic blog after all.  But here's the rundown.

     1) A complete run of the WWII comic (that came out in the 1980's) All-Star Squadron.

     2) The 2nd volume of Buz Sawyer daily strips.

     3) "A Study in Sherlock," a collection of Holmes short stories by new authors.

     4) "Whiskey Island" by Les Roberts.

     5)  Several history and comic related magazines, maybe 12 in all.

     So what are you reading?

     In the next twenty-four hours I'll be announcing a personal appearance I'll be making on the behalf of the News-Herald and myself.  Look for it.

     Taker care and adopt a comic book today.

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