Friday, September 21, 2012

Joe Kubert, Man of Rock

     Hi everyone.  I'm not sure if I blogged about the recent passing of Gold, Silver and Bronze Age great...Joe Kubert, but something happened the other day which made me think of him.  Not only was Joe the artist of Hawkman, Enemy Ace and many others, but he drew Sgt. Rock for almost 30 years for DC Comics.  New fans might know him as the father of Adam and Andy Kubert and founder of the Kubert School for Art.  In fact the "Before Watchman" series still coming out currently, features inks by Joe over his son's pencils.

     What made me think of him was the "In Memorium" page that DC Comics have been running in all of their books.  Then I thought back to when I met him two years ago at the Columbus, Ohio Mid-Ohio Con.  I bumped into Mr. Kubert and began chatting when a fan asked Joe to draw a picture on his t-shirt, along with an autograph.  Many of the artists had already given the fan a magic markered memento on his shirt and there was not much space left.  But Joe happily obliged when the fan recognized me from my comic book work (meager though it might be) over the years, and asked for a sketch from me as well.
     I have been lucky enough to have met many of my comic heroes in my lifetime, but this was one of my happier memories.  You see, Joe was not my friend and I'm not pretending that he was, but for a few minutes in time, he and I both drew characters that we were known for on a t-shirt while chatting and having a fun time together.  Now that is a memory of mine that's carved in stone...or maybe rock.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

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