Friday, July 20, 2012

The Bat, The Sorrow and My Family

     I have been thinking of the tragedy of the shooting during the Bat preview and of course I'm horrified in a quiet sort of way.  This type of public mass killing is becoming all to common I'm sorry to say and after these type of things have threatened our schools, post offices, office building and so on...they now visit our movie of our bastions of comfort and enjoyment in this country.

     Was it important to the suspect in custody that it was a comic book movie, or was it specifically The Batman that made his mind click to a different mode of thinking?  Or would any comic movie have sufficed?  Was the suspect not ready in time for The Avengers or Spiderman preview?  Again this is not the true question or the important one.

     The important thing is that several people have been killed and many more critically injured and considering my hobby so dear to me and the time I've spent studying this particular character, these people at the movies last night were of my mindset, enjoyed similiar things.  I wasn't at the movies in Colorado yesterday but in a way, I was, my family was, and many of my sisters and brothers were killed and wounded while I awaited the movie here in Lake County.  My family of fellow comic book lovers and Bat-Fans.

     We all know there are no real costumed heroes ready to save the day in real life, but too bad the same evil from those same comics DO come to life to haunt us.  Sometimes I wish Batman were real.  But I guess it's just another situation connected to things that bring us joy, tainted by the oppression of the real world that sometimes gets in the way.  My heart goes out to the family of the dead and wounded and all comic fans around the globe.

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  1. Well done piece...and I was glad to see the News-Herald also published it in the actual hard copy of the paper.