Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Pod Time and Great Nation

     Hi everyone, I've been alerted to the fact that the podcast time for the News-Herald "Dark Knight preview with the two Marks and myself.  The new time is Tuesday, July 17th, at 1 pm, and believe me there will be great Batman talk and insights for a good thirty minutes or so.  Make sure you tune in and download.

     Also, read a great book called, "The Presidents Club."  This is a great non-fiction book about how Presidents help one another even after they are out of office.  I only bring this up because it's a great book and it's about the presidents who keep us safe and by keeping us safe it keeps all of the "Comic Book Nation" safe.  No joking around, it is great to be alive at this point in history to be able to be free to read comics and to indulge in a great hobby like comics.

     So listen next week at the new time and date for the "Bat" Podcast and take care and don't forget to adopt a comic today.

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