Monday, July 9, 2012


     Hi everyone, guess what, I goofed on a recent blog and called my podcast pals the two "Mikes," when in reality, they are the two "Marks."  I guess I'm going to have to let them call me "Sam" or "Joe" for awhile to make up for this oversight.

     Meanwhile I'm still getting all hyped up for the Batman flic AND the podcast that I will be taking part in along with my two buddies named MARK.  The podcast will be Monday, the 16th of July, 2012 at 3 pm.  It usually runs about 35 minutes or so and it's about the most fun I've had gabbing about comics lately, so I hope you get to tune in and join in (on the listening end anyway) on some podcast enjoyment and opinions.

     Take care and adopt a comic today!

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