Saturday, June 30, 2012


     Hey everybody, guess what I've been doing the last few days...what everyone else has been doing- trying to beat the heat!  It makes me want to read Flash comics so that I can see where he fights...CAPTAIN COLD!  Maybe too, I could pick up a Batman comic and see him defeat MR. FREEZE!

     There was one comic from my childhood (Blackhawk #160, I believe) where the Magnificent 7 were frozen in blocks of ice by bad guy aliens from Saturn.  Normally I would say, "Get me outta here!"  But with the heat index over 100, I say, "Hit me again you Saturnian wise guys!"

     Take care, stay cool and adopt a comic today.

Monday, June 25, 2012


     I know I've had a bit of computer trouble and I just blogged about my appearance on the News-Herald podcast at 3pm today, but while I've been sitting around, I've been watching Law and Order Criminal Intent shows this morning.  Now I've seen CSI comics based on the network show, so wy not some L&W comics, I'd go for that.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

     PS: two, two, two blogs in


     It's Monday the 25th of June and my birthday weekend is officially over.  I had some trouble with my computer over the weekend so I didn't get to give all of you folks a heads up for my comic book plans for today.

     I'll be joining the News-Herald Podcast team today, 6-25-12, at 3:00m to talk about the upcoming Spiderman movie.  Hope you get a chance to listen, or at least download later.  See you then,

     Don't forgrt to adopt a comic today.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Late Birthday talk and Comics

     Hi, I know this is late but yesterday, June 22nd was my birthday and I'm getting home late from talking COMICS with some friends.  So I promised the other day to talk about some aging heroes.

     Back in the early 1990's, DC Comics stated that Green Arrow was 44 years old while Green Lantern had grey hair.  That's nothing since Marvel gave Reed Richards grey hair right from the start, stating that he was in WWII, later forgeting about that particular tour of duty and just stating that the grey was premature.  Well,  I gues all of the heroes in comics today are just back from the island of Greece where they all obtained the "formula" if you know what I mean.

     Gotta go and read some birthday comics and get some sleep only after remembering a few happy thoughts about my dear friend Gene Colan, artist supreme on Batman, Daredevil, Captain America, Iron Man and many others as he died last year the day after my birthday.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Local Hero in My Book

     Hi, I was at Barnes and Nobles last week buying books and checking out their (what else?) comics section.  As I was leaving I saw a gentleman (in every sense of the word) guarding and herding a momma goose and her 12 babies across the parking lot, stopping cars and the such as the birds made their way slowly all the way from Macy's.

     I stopped to watch for about a half an hour, especially since the gaggle stopped under my car for a rest, and began chatting with the fellow.  From the time he started watching over the momma and baby birds he must have been at it at least an hour before the geese found haven in the woods and pond behind the bookstore.  That's what I call a hero in my book and certainly a gentle man.

     PS: Tomorrow is my birthday, so on Friday, June 22nd, I'll be talking about heroes who age and celebrate those personal holidays.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

Monday, June 18, 2012



     "Hey Mom," began Ken, "your advice worked and on the first call too.  The police might be inclined to look the other way when Adam and I "help out" a little with rounding up the scum around here."

     "Good for you dear," His mother sipped from her tea cup then set it down and looked up to give her only son a smile.

     "It didn't hurt that he said we'd pay special attention to the west side of town."  Adam grinned, throwing his two cents into the conversation.

     "Then do a good job boys."  Ken's mother sipped more tea and then retired to the other room.

     "Come on Adam," spoke Ken, "let's work on some plans.


Friday, June 15, 2012


     "Would you be willing to look the other way if a criminal is getting his just desserts?"
The voice came through a special garbled transmission line.

     The police detective answering the phone at the station quickly asked, "Who is this?"

     "Never you mind, just answer the question!"


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Con Thoughts and Comic Novelette

     Hi, just to let everyone know again how much fun I had with the people I met at last week's comic convention.  I also had a few extra minutes to stop by a nearby dealer table to buy a few things for myself (small stack of ten $3 books).  In the future I'll give you tips on stretching your convention dollar. 

     Take care and adopt a comic today.


     It was later that same evening that Ken, with his friend Adam watching, spoke to his mother.

     "So the police situation, what do you think I should do?"

     "Find one you can trust and work your way up the food chain from there."  His mother knitted as she talked.

     "I just don't want to wind up a vigilante, I want to be a legit enforcer of the law."  Ken had a serious look on his face as he spoke.

     "Then join the Police Academy."  Her knitting stopped, her gaze was stern.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Comics for Recovery and Novelette

     Hi, I'm about to get some more minor surgery but guess what, that means I'll sit on the couch and read COMICS!  Yahoo.  Think I'll start picking them out right now  Take care and adopt a comic today.


     "So now what?"  Adam questioned his friend Ken who sat in the driver's seat steering the vehicle.

     "We do a little fight training and then decide which part of town to clean up first."  Ken spoke in a nonchalant fashion as if crime fighting plans happened to everyone, everyday.

     "I still say we should check with the police or something," I don't want to get in trouble."

     "We won't," replied Ken, "I'll take care of that next."


Friday, June 8, 2012

Comic Novelette


     The crowd gathered around Adam and closed in on him.  Two of the people brandished knives in his direction.  Finally one of them stopped right in front of the crime fighter wanna be.  As the knife weilder stopped in front of Adam, the rest of the crowd stooped over to pick up the fallen money.

     Adam shot out his arms and knocked the knife holder flat on his backside.

     "Hey, what's the big idea, I only wanted to keep you away from the money that fella said was ours."  The man folded the knife and put it away. 

     "Yeah I guess you're right."  Adam reached into his pocket and pulled out a ten dollar bill and tossed it to the man.  "Here, it's all I have," he added before turning away and walking towards Ken.

     "Okay," spoke Ken to his friend, "we can go back home now."

     "What was all that about?"  Adam held out his palms waiting for an answer.

     "I found out my buddy used a minimum of force and showed some compassion.  We can go now, the test is over."  Ken got behind the wheel and fired up the engine.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Comic Day and More Novelette

     I haven't looked at my comic haul from earlier today yet, but I did pick up for a friend the "Little Orphan Annie hardcover.  It's the only reprint that he's actively collecting whereas I'm killing myself with all the recent cool reprints from the past.  Well, I'd better sign off now, I've got John Byrne's "Trio" to read.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.


     The vehicle pulled over and stopped at a dark and seedy part of town.  Ken Smart hopped out of the front seat in his uniform and asked his friend, Adam to do the same.

     "What happens next?"  Adam looked around almost apprehensively.

     "I give you a test," began Ken.  He walked around the street and began pulling wads of money from an inner pocket. 

     "Free money, free money," shouted Ken as he tossed the cash to and fro.  "And this guy here has a lot more."  He pointed at Adam, standing beside the car in his costume.  He then turned and walked away.

     "What are you doing?"  Adam was almost pleading.

     "Seeing if you have what it takes, but don't worry, I'll be close by."

     Adam's eyes grew wide behind his mask as nearby shadows turned to real people that approached him slowly, menacingly and some with knives.


Monday, June 4, 2012


     Hey, had a great time yesterday at the Great Lakes Mall signing my new books and meeting lots of comic fans.  I even took place in a panel discussion..."Vampires vs Zombies."  Had a wonderful time signing for eight hours and even picked up some 50 cent books and some romance comics for my own collection.  Then I came home and collapsed.  This was one of the better shows in a while.  Hope to do another show soon.


       "Can I drive," asked Adam, leaning over Ken's shoulder as he gripped the steering wheel.

     "No, we have to talk a little on the way to town."

     "About what, we're crime fighters now aren't we?"  Adam leaned back in his seat.

     "We have to talk about whether letting you join me was a good idea."  Ken's tone sounded grim.

     "Wha-?"  Adam was speechless.


Friday, June 1, 2012

More Signings and Comic Novelette

     Yes, more new magazines of mine are making thier debut.  Vampire Gazette #4 shows up this Sunday 6-3-2012 at the Great Lakes Mall theatre in the lobby.  We will have a free poster for the first customer there.


     "But what's my super name, Ken?"  Adam Pitman was impatient with his question.

     "Call me Kid Hero when we're both in costume."  Ken seemed annoyed as he replied.  "You my friend, are...Big Pal."

     "What kind of a name is that?"

     "One that I just thought up, now come on...Big Pal."  Kid Hero jumped into the car as he finished speaking.