Wednesday, May 30, 2012



     "So my costume is blue?  Seventeen year old Adam Pitman questioned his billionaire friend, sixteen year old Ken Smart.

     "That will be the color of their bruises, the bad guys that is, when we're through with them."  Ken chuckled as he answered.

     "Does anybody ever really call them "bad guys" anymore?"  Adam quizzed his rich buddy as he put on his uniform.

     "I don't think they're out at nights committing crimes because they're nice, do you?"  Ken answered a question with a question.  Then he added, "Come on, let's go!"

     The pair in their costumes headed for the car.

     "Let's try to not stay out late, huh, I've got a history test second period."  Adam seemed more worried about that than any impending danger the boys were about to face.


PS:  Don't forget I'll be signing copies of my new Vampire Gazette #4 Sunday at the theater at Great Lakes Mall (between Max and Irma's and Office Max) from 10am-5pm.  Hope to see you.

Monday, May 28, 2012


     "So are we gonna be a super team, dude?"  Adam Pitman, Ken's teenage friend leaned forward awaiting an answer.
     "Now let's not jump to conclusions, Adam.  We have things to think over first, like are you as dedicated as I am?"  Ken took on an adult air as he spoke to his friend.

     "Well, you did mention that this was a career not an obsession, right?"  Adam seemed puzzled at Ken's serious tone.  "I mean, you are paying all of your sidekicks, right?"

     "Let's talk about that later, I've got other problems to consider first."


Friday, May 25, 2012



     Ken called a few of his friends on his cell phone.  To each and every one of them he posed a question.

    "Hey, you wanna fight crime, I'll pay you?"

     Almost all of them replied that they were too old to join the Police Academy and left it at that, not quite understanding Ken's exact proposal.  The last friend though, understood the situation from Ken's viewpoint and replied in the affirmative.

     "Do I get to wear a cool costume?"

     "We'll talk."  Ken then hung up and began making plans.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012



     "Hey Ma, what do you think I should do, I mean with life?"  Ken spoke in a serious tone.

     "I think you should finish school."  His mother was matter-of-fact with the tone of her reply.

     "I bought the school, they'll make sure I graduate."  Strangely enough, Ken was not smirking as he gave that particular answer.

     "I keep forgetting, you are a billionairre."  But his mother did smirk as she delivered her answer.

     "No," began Ken again, "I mean with the fighting crime stuff."  He now looked earnest in his delivery.

     "Well, you're fairly well protected in that suit of yours, so I'm not worried but still it's not a job that you can retire from with a pension."  His mother placed her hands gently on her lap, a sure sign that she was done speaking.

     "I just want to do good for people, not just with my money, but personally, the way I can help in my costume."  His gaze almost pleaded with his mother's look.

     "You just said the magic word,"  His mother smiled.  "Good...if you want to do good, just do it."


Monday, May 21, 2012

More Kid Hero Novelette


     "I'm still new at this crime fighting stuff."  Ken spoke aloud, it helped him think.  "Should I keep it up or stop or...maybe get a few other guys like myself and start a team!"  That last part seemed to excite him.

     "Hmmm, maybe I'll ask my Mom for advice." 


Friday, May 18, 2012

My New Novel's In, Comic Novelette Continues

     As I've talked this week about my upcoming book signing at Barnes and Noble, I've sweated out the actual printing of the books at the printing plant.  Well I just heard they're ready and I can't wait to see the finished product!  So...  I hope to see all of you from 1-4 on Sunday at the B&N located next to the Max and Irma's outside the Great Lakes Mall.


     Ken listened to his radio and heard the polce band list the different areas of town that trouble was erupting in this evening.  He glanced over at his closet and saw his costume waiting for him to begin another round of crime fighting.

     "How many times do I have to go out at night to fix the city's woes?"  He spoke aloud just to hear the words.  It usually helped him think.  Then he got another thought!

     "It's a small city, what if I just bought the town, could I fix things better then?"


Wednesday, May 16, 2012


     Remember when just yesterday I told you about my book signing and the low price of the "Expediter" novel?  Well shortly after I blogged those words, the publisher called and said to highlight David's insert comic pages, they were making the book much larger, hence the price increase that was almost mandatory.  Now the book is $9.95, but looks even better in its larger format, so please forgive the mistake but I'll still be at Barnes and Noble May 20th, 2012, (this Sunday, 1-4pm) to sign autographs and chat with any people stopping by.  Thanks again and don't forget to adopt a comic today.


     After finishing his late night dinner, Ken went upstairs to his bedroom and took off his Kid Hero costume.

     "A gun or no gun," he wondered aloud.  "To kill or not to kill, that is the question, whether it is nobler in the hearts of-"  He stopped in the middle of his off kilter quote.  "No," he continued aloud to no one but himself.  "I'm only sixteen years old, really still just a kid and kids don't kill."

     "I'm trying to be a hero also, I mean it's part of my superhero name and hero's don't kill."  He began pacing back and forth across his bedroom.  "So it looks like Kid Hero stays gunless and will continue fighting crime the old fashioned way."

     Ken sat on the edge of the bed and began scribbling notes to himself trying to figure out what he was going to do the next time he took to the streets.   

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Signing Reminder

     Just to remind all of my followers that I'll be at Barnes and Nobles, May 20th, 2012 (this upcoming Sunday) from 1-4pm.  It's the B&N by Great Lakes Mall in Mentor, Ohio.  The book is called "The Expediters" and is a light-hearted spy/adventure series and actually includes a 10 page comic book insert story dealing with the characters from the book.  The book is only $6.99.  Hope to see you.

     Take Care and adopt a comic today.

Monday, May 14, 2012

More Comic Novelette


     As Ken chewed on his sandwich, his mother strolled into the kitchen in a lazy fashion.

     "So Ken," she began, "how was your evening tonight, catch a lot of crooks?"

     "A few."  Ken answered in a low key fashion, still wrapped up in most of his costume, his helmet sitting beside him on the breakfast table.

     "So, honey," she stated as she directed another question at her only son, "what's on your schedule for tomorrow?"

     He put down his sandwich, took a quick sip of iced tea and replied plainly.

     "Catch a few more."


Friday, May 11, 2012

Chris Local Book Signing & Comic Novel

     Just a note to begin reminding all of my blog readers that I'll be at Barnes and Nobles book store in Mentor, signing copies of my latest book, The Expediters" on May 20th, (Sunday) from 1pm to 4pm.  The Expediters is a spy type novelette filled with four different stories, one of which is a comic book insert drawn by my artist and friend, David Russell.  A pin-up by Pete Cooper will also adorn the pages.  The stories are all a little super-hero-ish, but you should enjoy the humor, action and wit of the book.  See you then.


     Kid Hero smiled to himself as he made his way home.  After saving the woman's life and alerting the police, he drove around town but found no more crimes in the making to attack.  As he pulled into his secret entranceway, he leapt out of the vehicle and bounded up the stairs two at a time.

     "Mom, I'm home!"

     "That's nice dear, did you stop any bounders from committing crimes?"  The reply sounded bored but inquisitive.

     "Yes I did."  Ken shouted back his answer as he took off his unweildy helmet.

     "Good, I left a late night snack on the table for you, make sure you drink all of your milk, you're still a growing boy you know."

     "Thanks Mom, I will."  Ken perched himself on the nearest kitchen chair, the cape still falling around his shoulder, and dug into the meal.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Byrne Comic and Comic Novel

     Hi everyone, today is comic book day and I'm looking forward to the new John Byrne comic book- "Trio."  It features a threesome known as "Rock, Paper Scissors."  Sounds interesting and I'll report back later.

Take care and adopt a comic today.


     Ken let the woman run by her and stood in front of the trio advancing on him.  The first attacker didn't even bother to say anything as he whipped out a large knife and thrust it towards the costumed hero.
     Ken ducked the sweeping blade and spun around with a kick to the man's side.  The hero smiled beneath his helmet as he figured the shock absorbing boots would deliver a decent ammount of painful energy to the man's rib area. 
     The next two attackers came at Ken together, one with his fists, the other with a small gun.  Ken lashed out with his gloved hand first to the man carrying the gun.  The thick, protective gloves worn by Ken were lined with an energy producing power surge upon contact.  It made it quite easy for a young man of regular size and build like Ken to take out perps twice his size.  It was no different with this one.  The man fell down moaning, clutching his gun hand in pain.

     The third attacker was easy.  Ken just turned, lowered his head and butted the man in the stomach with his protective helmet.  As the man lie on the ground, gasping for breath, Ken whipped out a small phone and dialed 911.  After relaying the location of the three men to the police, the operator asked his name.

     Ken thought a moment and blurted out- "Hero...Kid Hero."


Monday, May 7, 2012

Free Comic Thoughts and Comic Novel

I was a guest at the Free Comic Day at Great Lakes Mall at the Comics and Friends store.  Had a great time and spent most of last Saturday signing autographs for my new Vampire Gazette comic.  My artist and friend David Russell signed with me.  I also got to see Sean Forney, an old artist friend of mine from Columbus.  Lots of friendly comic-oriented people to share comic stories with.  Funniest part was when a young teenager reminded me that "Big Bang Theory" has it's season finale this week. Comic geeks look out for each other.


     The 16 year old boy billionaire, Ken Smart, headed for downtown in his dark vehicle filled with multiple crime-fighting gadgets.  His all black uniform offered safety and and ease of movement once he tangled with the criminals that rose from their hiding places every night.

     A few minutes later, he was in one of the seedier sections of town and that's when he heard the scream.  He pulled his vehicle over to the curb and jumped out the driver's door in time to see a terrified woman race past her, three burly men hot on her heels.

     Through clenched teeth, he muttered aloud to himself,  "Well, here goes nothing."


Friday, May 4, 2012

More Free Comic Day & Comic Novelette

     Today's Friday and my new comics that I write just came off the presses last night.  I'm getting them packed up and ready for sale tomorrow.  Vampire Gazette #3 and Bystander Comics Presents #2 will make their debut at Comics and Friends May 5th, 2012.  I will be there with David Russell from noon-5pm signing autographs.  Hope to see you.


     Ken landed on his feet from the three story leap as softly as a cat would by jumping down from a chair onto the kitchen floor.  Well at least the shock absorbing boots worked.  He climbed into the car parked by the side of his mansion and began mentally going through the list of all the protective and attacking weapons he had built into the vehicle.  When he got to fifteen, he stopped counting.  He hit the ignition and pulled out onto the street.  The boy billionaire was on his way to fight crime, but as he drove down the street, he thought aloud to himself.
     "Hmm, what should my super hero name be?"

     He smiled to himself, thinking that maybe he should have considered a name before he got this far along into the process.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Comics Anxiety & New Comic Novel

     It's new comic day and from what I've seen, there's really nothing coming out that I collect.  A true collector always walks the fine line between having enough to read each week and having very little so as to afford the stuff he gets weekly.  Arrrgh, what a quandry.


     The sixteen year old boy put down the book he was reading and placed it on top of a nearby box that was filled with other books of its kind...they were comic books.  Taking inspiration from some of his favorite stories contained within the pages of those brightly colored pamphlets, the young man walked to his closet and began changing clothes.  Within minutes he was enveloped in the dark kevlar, thick, shock absorbing boots, black cape, gloves and hard-shelled protective helmet.  Once dressed, he strode over to the open window of his third story bedroom.

     He then remembered two things which made him stop.  The first was his bank book that sat just a few feet to his right on the dresser.  There was suppossed to have been a direct deposit made from his internet business that he had created the previous year.  He leaned over and rifled through the pages.  Yes, there was still over a billion dollars in his account.

     "Good," he said aloud to his empty bedroom and to no one else.

     The other thing he forgot was the intercom.  He pressed the button and waited for a reply.  It responded quickly.

     "Yes, Ken?"  The voice was pleasant and female.

     "I'm going out to fight crime, Mom."

     "All right dear," came the reply.  "Please be careful, it's a little chilly out tonight."

     Smiling to himself, he dove through the open window and saw the ground come rushing up at him....         

                                                      TO BE CONTINUED
                                                       (every Mon-Wed-Fri.)