Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Comics at Christmastime

     Merry Christmas everyone, I hope all of you are having a safe and happy holiday.  But it is this very thought of happiness and peace and safety that I'd like to talk about.

     You see, everytime I go into a comic shop, I meet like-minded people and whether friend or stranger, conversations break out along friendly, informative lines, almost like a United Nations, except we don't discus countries and their problems or which nation is mightier.  We usually discuss who is stronger, Superman or Thor?  And we usually do it in a peaceful, friendly manner.

     Now I'm not saying that the atmospher inside comic shops are a blueprint for world peace, but they are a micrcosm of people getting along and sharing small peices of their lives, even if it's only for a few minutes at a time.  You see, it's hard to fight one another while holding a copy of Batman #232 in your hand, or Spiderman #122 or Avengers #63 or...well, you get my drift.  Shaking the hand of a new customer, or hugging a fellow comic book fan you have not seen in awhile before they checkout with their purchase, that only allows time for a few moments of peace on earth.

     Maybe we should all talk more, smile more, be more friendly to one another...and read a comic.  It certainly wouldn't lead to anything bad.  Happy Holidays!


Monday, December 24, 2012

My Dog,The Snow and Holidays

     Hi everyone, I hope all of you are doing fine this day before Christmas.  Today I look out the window and see the snow that has finally arrived in our area and I think of one thing only.  And that would be my late dog, Ripley.

     You  see, when she was a puppy, she was very aware that comics were important to me.  She would gingerly step in-between the piles of comics I had out all over the living room floor as I sorted and seperated.  I usually did this sort of thing on cold winter nights when I was snug in the house, close to Christmas time.

     One time though, Ripley picked up an X-Man comic by the corner of the plastic bag it was wrapped and protected in.  She began to walk away, looking over her shoulder at me as I pulled out a doggie treat from my pocket.  She gently dropped the comic back in my lap and took the treat.  A doggie treat for X-Man #31...best trade I ever made.

     I still look at video of me making snow angels in the back yard, while she jumped on my chest.  She's been gone for years now, but I carry her with me in my thoughts.  You see, no two dogs are alike, no two snowflakes are alike, no two comics or holidays or friends or families are alike.

     And maybe that's my point.  There's just one of everything great.  So over the holidays, stop to appreciate that gift or kiss or hug or compliment given.  Smile at the get-togethers and the relatives present.  Remind the friends and wonderful bosses why they are friends and wonderful bosses.  Then look in the mirror and give yourself a smile and appreciate things, whatever thing that are present in your life.  I bet you'll find something to smile about.  Happy Holidays everyone! 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Last Signing of Year

     Hi everyone, hope you're staying warm.  Just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be at Comic Heaven tomorrow, Saturday December 22nd from 4-7pm signing copies of my newest book, My Batman (and maybe yours too!).

     Also, there will be a $2.00 DISCOUNT on all books signed during that time.  Hope to see a lot of you there so we can do the Bat-Chat and talk about my favorite comic character.  After that I will be resting for the holiday, since I've been doing so many signings in the area the last few months.

     I will be blogging to you before Tuesday, so I won't say happy holidays to you yet.  But please do remember to adopt a comic book today.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Comic X-Mas Party

     Hi everyone, I hope everyone is maybe getting a handle on the spat of tragedies that keep popping up in our country.  I handled the situation by spending my time with friends.  And since I was invited to a local comic shop for a party...well, anything to forget the sadness of the the past few (and my heart indeed goes out to those families with loss) days.

     I spent a few hours last night eating (yes a catered affair!) and meeting new people and old friends at Comic Heaven.  I will be doing a book signing there on this upcoming Saturday, but was quite pleased when I recieved the invite last week.  Rigatoni was my food of choice and as the tables and chairs quickly filled up, I fought the urge to lean against and set my plate down on the top of the back issue comic bins.  Nooooo, what a sin that would be, even though all of the comics are covered in plastic.

     I'd like to see more of these types of things around the calender.  Call them comic book clubs with snacks.  But stop by Comic Heaven Sat. Dec. 22nd, from 4-7 pm.  This will be the last book signing of the year for my Batman book, which will be marked down $2 for a last minute Christmas sale, "My Batman (and maybe yours too!)  Hope to see you and I really hope there is food.

     Take care and adopt a comic book today.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Marvel Comics...Now!

     Hi everyone, hope all of you are well along in the X-Mas shopping department.  I'm heading for the finish line myself.  But I've also been picking up some new comics and find for the most part they are decent and will give them a longer "look at."

     Marvel "Now" is what the Disney controlled comics are starting up.  It's sort of an answer I guess to last years DC The "New 52."  We'll see what happens.  For now I like about half of what I've read but you must realise this is not a total jumping on point, reboot.  These new #1's are all still keeping with ongoing storylines and if you pick up the new Fantastic Four or X-Men titles, don't be suprised to still see 50 people in each book.

     Take care and good shopping.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Comic Shopping

     Hi everyone, today started my Christmas shopping and already I've picked up a couple of complete continued stories, a few collections of summer annuals and some special one-shots that I'm giving to friends.  Well of course I am, most of my real friends collect comics like me so what else would I get them?

     The best thing about this plan, I love shopping for comics and know where to look.  Since I still have a whole lot of comics, first I go through my collection and figure out what my friends would like.

     I've already picked up stuff for the kids next door and two pals, with plenty of time left.  I suppose I should cut this short and give you readers time to head out for some shopping of your own.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Black Friday, Bats and Sleep

     Hi everyone, guess it's been a few days since I last blogged.  There's a reason for that.  You see I did a 17 hour book signing at the Great Lakes Mall last Friday.  In total I was up for 45 hours and it took several days to shake that groggy feeling from my brains.  Hopefully this does not come across as a "Groggy Blog."

     But I did indeed shake the drowsy feeling and got back to sleeping and reading comics.  Right now I'm in the middle of some very old Popeye comics that are busting me up.  Then I switched to a couple of issues of Fantastic Four (#148-150) comics.  Great stuff, but there's a reason why this blog is named, "Comics: Don't Get Me Started!"

     Talk to all of you soon.  Take care and adopt a comic book today.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bat Signing & Black Friday

     Hi everyone, hope all of you are ready for the big bird carving day.  Personally, I'll be sleeping for most of it since I'm going out on Black Friday and need my rest.  Where am I going out to you might ask?

     I'll be signing autographs for my new book, "My Batman (and maybe yours too)" over at the Great Lakes Mall outside Comics and Friends right next to Macy's.  My artist David Russell will be with me signing also.  I'll be there from 12:01 am through as long as I can last.

     The book is selling well and many people seem to be purchasing it for stocking stuffers for friends and relatives for X-Mas.  The book, priced at $17.95, contains many essays and pictorial evidence on the different aspects of Batman's career.

     Hope to see you then and don't eat too much.  But don't forget to adopt a comic today.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Twinkies Gone? Comics Here!

     Hi everyone, hope you're all doing fine.  Well I'm not.  I heard the news (today, Oh boy) about Hostess Twinkies going out of business.  This brings me flashing back to my youth when I'd buy the Snowballs and the Twinkies and Ding Dongs.  I'd round out my eating experience with a comic book. 

     Sometimes on Fridays, my mom would go to Hough Bakery and bring me back some chocolate cake squares.  I remember specifically eating one in the mid-1960's (I was a mere infant) reading a Jimmy Olsen comic, "The Helmet of Hate!"

     Mostly I would get a "Mickey's Banana Flip for 12 cents and pick up a comic with another 12 cents and have a penny left over from my quarter a week allowance that I would use to buy a pretzel log with.  What a great country!

     But let's hope that Hostess can pull it together because then my memories of childhood comic reading would not only be a great one, but a sweet one as well.

     Take care and adopt a comic book today.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Late Vet Day & Comics

     Hi everyone, just a late comment on Veteran's day.

     1)My older brother Terry, served in Viet Nam and wound up a Colonel in the Air Force.  He collected comics and still talks about them with me.

     2) My Dad was a Lt. (JG 3rd grade) in the Navy during Korea.  He collected comics and got me started.  We still talk about them.

     3) My Dad's cousin Roy, served in the Navy during WWII.  Before shipping out to the Pacific, he bought my Dad a stack of comics and a soda and spent the afternoon with him.  He died weeks later when his ship was sunk in the Pacific Theatre.  My father still talks about the last afternoon with his relative.

     4) My Dad's Uncle Niles, served in WWII as a B-17 bomber pilot and wound up a Brigadier General.  He did not collect comics only because they had not been invented yet when he was a child.

     So many vets in my family and throughout everything, comics have been, for the most part, a friendly distraction before, during and after the conflicts that have shaped our world.

     Take care and adopt a comic (and hug a vet) today.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Comic Con and Bats

     Hi everyone, I had a freat weekend attending the Akron Comic Convention.  The reason I went was for all of the Batman writers and artists that were attatched to the Dark Knight throughout their career.

     I met artists Joe Staton and Norm Breyfogle.  I'm lucky enough to own a piece of Norm's original art.  In fact the piece in question was shown at the News-Herald Bat book debut a few weeks back.  Norm was so touched he insisted on buying a copy of the book and asking me to autograph it.

     I also met Mike Barr, who wrote Batman in Brave and Bold comics from the 70's and early 80's.  Also attending was Gerry Conway who wrote some of my favorite Batman periods as well as creating the Punisher and killing Gwen Stacy over at Marvel Comics.  Gerry also spent many years as a writer/producer on Law and Order- Criminal Intent, so yes I'm a big fan of Mr. Conway's.

     I also bought a small collection of comics over the weekend and found a prequel to one of my top three comics of all time.  More on this and my comics/Veteran's day memories soon.  Take care and adopt a comic today.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Signing and Chatting

     Hi everyone.  After a few days of rest, I'd like to tell all of you what a great time I had at the Great Lakes Mall, right outside Comics and Friends. 

     I sold a pretty good amount of my book entitled, "My Batman (and maybe yours too!)."  I also met a lot of nice people, like the lady school teacher (sorry I did not get your name) and Jim and Justin who REALLY knew their Batman stuff.  I also talked for quite a while with Linda and Bob, a very pleasant couple who bought a few copies for themselves as well as early Christmas presents.

     I had such a great time that I stayed an extra two hours just signing autographs and "Chatting the Bat" with plenty of friendly people.  I hope all of you reading this had as much fun.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Book Signing and Joe

     Hi everyone, I hope you're weathering Sandy and that you all have power in your homes about n in aboutow.  Just want to remind everyone to stop by the Great Lakes Mall comic shop, Comics and Friends, about thirteen hours from now (Sat. November 3, 2012 from 1-3pm) to pick up a copy of my new book..."My Batman (and maybe yours too!)."  Or just stop by and "Chat the Bat" with me, it'll be fun for sure.

     Also, just picked up Joe Kubert Presents, from DC Comics the other day.  It was great to see Joe Kubert write and draw another Hawkman story since he has been linked to the character for over 70 years.  It also made me think of his recent passing, since his talent was still in the fore of things and this is a series that I wished he could have lived long enough to enjoy.

     Hope to see you tomorrow at Comics and Friends.  Take care and adopt a comic today!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Disney, Star Wars and Book Signing

     Hi everyone, hope you're all drying out from the superstorm. 

     I just heard that Disney bought Star Wars.  That makes sense to me since I thought that Jar Jar Binks was always a bit Goofy.

     Don't forget to stop by Comics and Friends at the Great Lakes Mall Saturday from 1-3pm.  I'll be signing copies of my new book, "My Batman (and maybe yours too!)"  Stop by because I'll be ready to talk some Dark Knight.  After all...Comics (and Batman): Don't get me started!

     Take care and don't forget to adopt a comic book today.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Busy Signing and Sandy

     Hi out there, I know I haven't blogged in a bit, but I've been busy making personal appearances since the News-Herald debut function for my new book, "My Batman (and maybe yours too!).  And after that, my electricity went out due to the super storm.  Right about now (as I send out kind thoughts and hopes to any victims of the giant storm) the only "Sandy" I want to hear about is The Sandman's sidekick or Little Orphan Annie's dog.

     But now I'm back in the writing saddle and hope to keep you appraised of the goings on in the comic world.  Locally I will be appearing at the Great Lakes Mall comic shop, Comics and Friends.  I'll be there from 1-3pm, Saturday, November 3rd.  I'll be signing more copies of my Batman book, so please stop on by because I'm ready to talk Batman!  Hope to see you.

     Also, don't forget to adopt a comic today!

Friday, October 19, 2012

A Great Bat Day!

     Hi everyone, sorry I haven't written in a few days because I've been recovering from an "autograph hangover," so to speak.  Actually, I had a great time at the News Herald Batman book debut function on the 17th.  How much fun did I have?  Welllllllllll, let me tell you.

     I met a bunch of great people, signed autographs, re-met some old customers and pals from a comic shop I frequented (and did paperwork for) a few decdes ago.  I also got to chat with some current church friends that stopped by and met a nice brother and sister who reaaallllly liked Batman a lot.  I'm glad that they both won some Batman poster/covers that I was able to sign.

     Next was the old and DEAR friend of mine from high school.  I had only seen her twice in over a quarter of a (this makes it seem soooo much longer written this way) century.  I got to meet her husband, who shares a comic book hobby with me and hear stories of their son, who enjoys writing as much as I do.  Hope they contact me so I can stay in touch this time.

     Last but not least, a special guest arrived, not even knowing for sure if I was THAT Chris Lambert.  You see, I haven't seen Patsy since I was three years old.  That's because she was my very first baby-sitter and her mother was my God Mother.  Her father also held a fond spot in my heart since I have always rembered his kindness and his calls on my birthday once my family moved away.  He "got" my connection with masked heroes like Batman and everytime he saw me out in the yard with a towel around my neck for a cape and an imaginary sword in my hand (mimicking the masked hero I watched on Walt Disney re-runs) he would shout out..."ZORRO!"

     It was fun talking about my career (I probably should have gone a little more top heavy on Batman though) and meeting everyone.  Family and friends and partners such as Liz, David, Jim, Paul and Maureen were there as well.  But of course I owe the biggest debt of thanks to Trish and Cheryl for planning and hosting the function  I have thoroughly enjoyed knowing and working with both of these fine people.

     Welllll, this is sort of long for a blog so I'd better get going before it turns into a novelette.  I'll be blogging more about the function in days to come.  Take care everyone and rembember to adopt a comic today.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Posters and Plops

     Hi everyone.  I was going through my collection last night and ran across a dark comedy title entitled, "Plop."  This was a very funny comic from the early 1970's, that had a lot of art and writing by Mad artist/writer, Sergio Aragones.  The book actually got it's start a few years earlier in a tale called, "The Poster Plague."  Very funny stuff indeed.

     So why do I bring this book up?  Because I spent the whole wekend PLOPPING  down POSTERS for my new book, "My Batman (and maybe yours too!)" that will be debuting at the News-Herald building Wed October 17th, from 7-9pm.  Three free copies will be given away as door prizes.  Call (440) 497-0580 for free reservations.  I'll be talking about Batman and my career in writing.  Hope to see you there where you can PLOP yourself down in a chair and have a great time!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Comics and Donuts

     Hi everybody, and especially you coffee lovers out there.  After ten or fifteen years of not drinking coffee, I'm back at it again, not quite the java junkie I used to be, but I'm patially there.

     Usually on the way to comic book meetings I get some steaming joe and some donuts before I talk with my editor/proofreader.  That means I'm usually sitting around Dunkin Donuts (this is not a plug) for a half-hour going over notes and things before I head to the meeting.

     Of course there are so many get-togethers going on presently since my new Batman book is coming out next week and I'm spending a lot of time getting ready for it.

     Speaking of which, stop by the News-Herald building on October 17, from 7-9pm (next Wed) to hear a free lecture and win some free door prizes.  We're giving away three free copies of "My Batman (and maybe yours too)" and the function itself is also free.  And speaking of the title of this blog, there is even going to be some snacks available (and maybe some coffee too).

     Take care and adopt a comic (and some coffee or tea) today.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

More News on Bat Book

     Hi everyone.  Hope you're all doing well.  I'm burning the midnight oil and busting at the seams as more and more pieces of the Bat puzzle falls into place.  I recently saw the cover from my friend, David Russell.  Eight images of different Batmen, around an image of me.  This works well since the book is called, "My Batman" (and Maybe Yours Too)

     Watch the News Herald for promos and ads for the debut function that will be held in their building on Wed. October, 17th from 7-9pm.  Some free copies will be handed out as door prizes.  There will also be some Bat knick knacks on display for those who like to see some behind-the-scene displays as well as plenty of Bat talk with attendees.  Call (440) 497-0580 for reservations to this FREE function.

     Hope to see you there!  Take care and adopt a comic today.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Bat Book Debut

     Hi everybody.  I just wanted to break the news that two weeks from tomorrow is the debut of my new essay-filled book on my favorite subject...Batman!

     The book is titled..."My Batman (And Maybe Yours Too)"  The debut will take place at the News-Herald building (located on Mentor Ave) on Wednesday, October 17th from 7-9pm.  This will be a form of "meet and greet" complete with snacks and odd items from my personal Batman collection.  Certain toys, artwork, non-rare comics and knick-knacks will be on display.  I will be available to comment on the collection and Batman as I greet those attending.  Sometime later during the two hour event, I will give a talk on my career in writing and my connection to comics and Batman in particular.  Q and A will follow.  Three FREE books will be given away to those in attendance as a doorprize.

     The event is FREE to the public but the News-Herald would like those planning to attend, to call this number,  (440) 497-0580, to give the paper a rough idea of ammount of people showing up to plan for snacks and space.  Hope to see you there.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

Monday, October 1, 2012

My Giant Reading List

     Hi everyone, you would not believe what I'm currently reading all at the same time.  Yes, some of it is comics because this is a comic blog after all.  But here's the rundown.

     1) A complete run of the WWII comic (that came out in the 1980's) All-Star Squadron.

     2) The 2nd volume of Buz Sawyer daily strips.

     3) "A Study in Sherlock," a collection of Holmes short stories by new authors.

     4) "Whiskey Island" by Les Roberts.

     5)  Several history and comic related magazines, maybe 12 in all.

     So what are you reading?

     In the next twenty-four hours I'll be announcing a personal appearance I'll be making on the behalf of the News-Herald and myself.  Look for it.

     Taker care and adopt a comic book today.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Joe Kubert, Man of Rock

     Hi everyone.  I'm not sure if I blogged about the recent passing of Gold, Silver and Bronze Age great...Joe Kubert, but something happened the other day which made me think of him.  Not only was Joe the artist of Hawkman, Enemy Ace and many others, but he drew Sgt. Rock for almost 30 years for DC Comics.  New fans might know him as the father of Adam and Andy Kubert and founder of the Kubert School for Art.  In fact the "Before Watchman" series still coming out currently, features inks by Joe over his son's pencils.

     What made me think of him was the "In Memorium" page that DC Comics have been running in all of their books.  Then I thought back to when I met him two years ago at the Columbus, Ohio Mid-Ohio Con.  I bumped into Mr. Kubert and began chatting when a fan asked Joe to draw a picture on his t-shirt, along with an autograph.  Many of the artists had already given the fan a magic markered memento on his shirt and there was not much space left.  But Joe happily obliged when the fan recognized me from my comic book work (meager though it might be) over the years, and asked for a sketch from me as well.
     I have been lucky enough to have met many of my comic heroes in my lifetime, but this was one of my happier memories.  You see, Joe was not my friend and I'm not pretending that he was, but for a few minutes in time, he and I both drew characters that we were known for on a t-shirt while chatting and having a fun time together.  Now that is a memory of mine that's carved in stone...or maybe rock.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Batmobile is Dead!

     Hi everyone.  Well today my engine block cracked so my transportation is gone.  I knew because the engine was overheating but did not have half as much steam coming out of it as my collar did.

     This is surely going to put a damper on me picking up the weekly lot of comics.  Oh well, I'll figure something out.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Figuring Out a Collection

     Hi everyone, yesterday I spent most of the late afternoon helping a friend determine the worth of his comic collection.  He had 100 issues of the Hulk and 200 issues of Daredevil.  I went through the guide book and checked the conditions while Brian (my pal) and I chatted.  Now that he knows what the books are worth (in my estimation that is) I hope he makes out okay.

Take care and adopt a comic today.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hero Cuts

     Hi Everyone.  Today I'm heading for the operating table to get some scar tissue removed.  And you know what?  It makes me think of Blade, the vampire hunter from the critically acclaimed "Tomb of Dracula" comic by Marvel Comics.  He used to cut vampires with his wooden knives.

     Don't worry though, I'll be tap dancing later this afternoon and reading comics.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Comics, Sports and a City

     Hi everyone.  I was sorting through a pile of my comics the other day and found a small series that ran its course through a title called, "The Brave abd the Bold."  This book was a tryout series along with "Showcase" and this particular series was called, "Strange Sports Stories."

     In this series there were stories entitled, The Hot-Shot Hoopsters," "The Race Through Time," The Headless Baseball Team" and my favorite..."The Gorilla Wonders of the Diamond."  Most of these tales were about the backdrop of sports being used to thwart alien invasions of our planet and the defeat of evil galactic races, bent on conquering our Earth.  These were indeed...Strange Sports Stories.

     But then as I read the paper today, I'm reminded of another strange sports story, one where Jim Brown, Leroy Kelly, Greg and Mike Pruitt as well as Kevin Mack and Ernest Byner run through an ongoing tale cover to cover.  This story also has Frank Ryan, Bill Nelson, Brian Sipe and Bernie Kosar passing through each of its pages, giving this area a rollercoaster ride of joy, emotion and even sometimes heartbreak.  Those famous years and games we remember are as vivid as any comic book written and drawn.  But these sports comics also have another hero and villain rolled into one.  His name was Art Modell and he was one of the best things to happen to football in general and the Browns in particular, in a long time.  But his fears for the financial well-being of his family drove him to leave town with the team and the memories that we so loved in this area.  Hmmm, "Strange Sports Stories" indeed.

     And as the new Browns season starts, Art is now re-united with his wife and maybe in the future there won't be any sports stories that are labelled "strange," only ones that are are filled with action, joy, happy endings...and forgiveness, just the way I like my comics.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Comics at Lunchtime and More

     Hi everyone, been very busy the last week, so I'm a bit behind in my blogging.  So let's get busy catching up. 

     First, you just HAVE to catch the new show, "Collection Intervention."  I've never seen such a gathering of comics, movie memorabilia and action figures in all my life.  Being a serious collector myself, I feel terrible as these collectors try to get a grip on the collections that have been running and in many cases, ruining their lives.

     Next, my strip reprint books came in (I ordered them as a present for my Dad) and I can't wait to get them sent off through the mail.  The original Daredevil and Captain Easy were the strips of choice.

     Many comic history magazines all came in at the same time yesterday (4 or 5 total) which means lots of fun for me.  You see I like to read magazines while I'm out having lunch.  If planned properly, I can read and eat in exactly one hour and fifteen minutes.  That is surely a calm and relaxing lunch.  So with the bunch that I got yesterday, I'll have plenty to keep me busy at my favorite eatery's around town.

     Lastly, I've been finishing up work on my Batman book (My Batman, and maybe yours too.) and it should be ready by early October.  The formatting and bindery process is going on right now.  So keep your fingers crossed for me.

     Take care and adopt a comic today. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Finished a Collection

     Hi everyone, I just recently finished a small collection of mine, a title called "The Inferior Five."  This is a comedy superhero book fom the late 1960's.  It only ran a dozen issues and I got the five issues that I still needed for around ten bucks.  Who says you can't find a deal?

     It's a good thing I got the boot off of my broken foot finally, or I could have joined the Inferior Five and become part of the Not So Hardy Half Dozen.  Of course I'm only kidding, everything's going great and I'll tell you about a book I'm finishing in a few days.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Digital Comics

     Hi everyone, just over the weekend I recieved the possibility of working for some digital comic companies.  But I've been in these situations before so I won't get excited until the electronic ink is dry on the e-check (and I'm not talking about getting my exhaust pipe examined).  But it also made me think about a super group that is available on-line through Archie Comics that looks pretty good.  As soon as I download it I'll give you folks a review.  I forget the name of it right now, but sometime this month I'll hop on it.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wedding's Over and Try New Show

     Hi everyone, the wedding I was involved in last week is over although there were still a few days of taking rental stuff back but as comic book day approachedthis week, I declared that my life was my own again.  And after all of the hunting I did to find the hall and caterer and such, I sat down and read a stack of Detective Comics, to celebrate my skills.

     Also just saw a new show on Bravo or Syfy or one of those networks about collection intervention (I believe that's the name of the show).  It was so painful to watch this one poor guy have to sell his "everything Catwoman" collection for both more space and some much needed dough to get out of debt.  As the camera showed some potential buyers go through his comics (as oppossed to his knick knacks and figurines) I said aloud, "got it, got it, got it."  Anyway, next week they are going to feature a segment that is all about a single person's entire comic collection that is chasing him out of the house because he has something like 30, 000 comics.  To that I say, "Only 30,000, What is he a beginner?"

Take care and adopt a comic today...just not 30,000.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Wedding in Comics and for Real

     Hi everyone, I'm going to be in a wedding this week for a relative of mine, so I'm leaving right after this posting to pick up my tux.  Of course this made me think about wedded super heroes and here are some of the more well known.

     Reed and Sue Richards of the Fantastic Four.  They've been married so long they have two kids.  It's good that Reed can stretch his body, the better to give both kids hugs at the same time.

     Ralph and Sue Dibny were sort of the "Nick and Nora Charles" of the super hero set.  Ralph too, could stretch, but they both died a short time back, that is unless DC's "New 52" brought them back to life.  I'll have to check on that one.

     Barry (The Flash) West and his wife Iris have also died, but I believe they are both back from the great beyond.  I'll have to catch up (pun intended) with my Flash reading and see.

     Well I've got to be running.  I'll post again Sunday to let you all know how the wedding and my hectic schedule went.  By then I'll probably be talking about exhausted super heroes.

     Take care and adopt a comic today. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Birthday Comics

     Hi everyone, today I'm talking about birthdays, no not mine, but a friends.  I'm already in the birthday mood since I passed on some comics to a new aquiantance for her nephew's birthday.  Well for the last few weeks I've been trying to come up with a comic idea for my buddy and his upcoming B-day.

     I've taken the easy but expensive way out.  I'm getting him one comic for every birthday he's celebrated, too bad he's in his mid-40's.  But that is one way to look at it if you have a loved one who loves comics.  Get stacks of them for someone who needs a lot of holes to fill, try a gift certificate for those who might be finicky, try trade paperbacks for those who have storylines that they want to read in one sitting.

     In effect, try to be creative when you're shopping, especially for special holidays like Christmas and anyone's birthday, the way I'm trying for my fellow comic collector friend.

     Take care and don't forget to adopt a comic today.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Watching the Watchmen

     Hi everyone, just wanted to talk about one of the great graphic novels of all time...The Watchmen.  The recent movie followed the book fairly closely and was well worth watching, even though writer/creator Alan Moore has disavowed the movie and DC comics in general.  But now DC has put out a new series of books entitled, "Before Watchmen," a sort of prequel to the novel from 1986.
     And guess what, almost every issue so far has been great with multiple top creators doing an issue or two.  Certainly give it a try if you can, it will be going on throughout the summer.

     Stay cool during this hot August and don't forget to adopt a comic today.

Monday, July 30, 2012

The New Generation

     Hi everyone.  I've been cleaning the house the last few days getting ready for some company when my next door neighbor and friend came over to help with some of the lifting and scrubbing.   Boy was I suprised when she began talking about the Spiderman movie and how they're finally getting it right with the web shooters and the "real" love interest with Gwen Stacy.

     The reason I was amazed?  The fact that anyone under the age of 25, like my friend, knew so much about the real history of Spidey, not the re-established stuff that the films and comics have been feeding us the last decade or so.

     Hope indeed for the next generation.  Take care and adopt a comic today.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Life Goes On

     I've been talking to some of my comic buddies this week and have been working on a Batman related book due out soon (more on that in another blog) so I have not blogged in three or four days.  I hope everyone has been well.

     As the shock of the Colorado movie killings finally begins to fade a little, I must say that movies will go on, entertainment will go on, Batman will go on, comics will go on, people and families will go on, enjoyment will go on and life will go on.  But it's a sad thing that evil too will go on.

     Please take care and adopt a comic...and hug a loved one, today.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Bat, The Sorrow and My Family

     I have been thinking of the tragedy of the shooting during the Bat preview and of course I'm horrified in a quiet sort of way.  This type of public mass killing is becoming all to common I'm sorry to say and after these type of things have threatened our schools, post offices, office building and so on...they now visit our movie theaters...one of our bastions of comfort and enjoyment in this country.

     Was it important to the suspect in custody that it was a comic book movie, or was it specifically The Batman that made his mind click to a different mode of thinking?  Or would any comic movie have sufficed?  Was the suspect not ready in time for The Avengers or Spiderman preview?  Again this is not the true question or the important one.

     The important thing is that several people have been killed and many more critically injured and considering my hobby so dear to me and the time I've spent studying this particular character, these people at the movies last night were of my mindset, enjoyed similiar things.  I wasn't at the movies in Colorado yesterday but in a way, I was, my family was, and many of my sisters and brothers were killed and wounded while I awaited the movie here in Lake County.  My family of fellow comic book lovers and Bat-Fans.

     We all know there are no real costumed heroes ready to save the day in real life, but too bad the same evil from those same comics DO come to life to haunt us.  Sometimes I wish Batman were real.  But I guess it's just another situation connected to things that bring us joy, tainted by the oppression of the real world that sometimes gets in the way.  My heart goes out to the family of the dead and wounded and all comic fans around the globe.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Radio Bat Talk

     Hi everyone,  just call got a call from WELW 1330 radio station tonite.  It looks like I'll be doing an emergency live radio broadcast fill-in (although lately, I've been doing their Friday shows once a month) tomorrow afternoon at 5:00 pm from the Great Lakes Mall.  I believe we'll be talking about Batman, if not I'll certainly bring up the topic, because remember- Comics: Don't Get Me Started!

     Listen in and hope you enjoy the show.  Take care and adopt a comic today!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Great Bat Talk

     Many thanks to the News Herald and the two Marks for inviting me in on their "Superhero Summer of Cinema."  We discussed many aspects of the, "Dark Knight Rises" and it just made me want to see the movie even MORE!  I had lots of fun, so do yourself a favor and download the Bat chat as quick as you can.  Many thanks to Cheryl and Trish also for asking me onto the project a while back, it has been much appreciated.

     As I mentioned before, I'll be spending most of the rest of July talking about my favorite super hero (Batman) and maybe get into more detail as well as talk some more about the movie once I've seen it.

     Take care and adopt a comic today!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Batman Podcast...Can't Wait!

     Tomorrow is the big day for our News-Herald Bat podcast.  Join the two "Marks" and myself at 1:00 pm, Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 as we give our thoughts and opinions on the new "Dark Knight Rises" and believe me, I can't wait.  I'm expecting that a lot of interesting thoughts will pass between the three of us on the show and hope a lot of people and fans get to hear/download our talk on the subject.  I've got a few interesting points saved up already.  Hope you can tune in.

     Maybe if this is popular we can do a super hero wrap-up at the end of the summer.  Who knows?

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bats Are Coming!

     Hi everyone, the Batman movie is getting closer and closer, as is our podcast on Tuesday, 1pm on July 17th concerning the same subject.

     Also I just finished the Court of Owls storyline going on in the Batman titles and was pleased beyond compare as Bruce Wayne shared some inner thoughts to his ward, Dick Grayson, letting me, as a reader know, that Batman still has a soft spot in his heart and that there is some hope for this title beyond mindless violence and bloodletting that goes on in many of the books today.  Gee, no wonder comics no longer carry a code on them.

     Take care and adopt a comic today!  And hope to hear the downloads from you Tuesday.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Pod Time and Great Nation

     Hi everyone, I've been alerted to the fact that the podcast time for the News-Herald "Dark Knight preview with the two Marks and myself.  The new time is Tuesday, July 17th, at 1 pm, and believe me there will be great Batman talk and insights for a good thirty minutes or so.  Make sure you tune in and download.

     Also, read a great book called, "The Presidents Club."  This is a great non-fiction book about how Presidents help one another even after they are out of office.  I only bring this up because it's a great book and it's about the presidents who keep us safe and by keeping us safe it keeps all of the "Comic Book Nation" safe.  No joking around, it is great to be alive at this point in history to be able to be free to read comics and to indulge in a great hobby like comics.

     So listen next week at the new time and date for the "Bat" Podcast and take care and don't forget to adopt a comic today.

Monday, July 9, 2012


     Hi everyone, guess what, I goofed on a recent blog and called my podcast pals the two "Mikes," when in reality, they are the two "Marks."  I guess I'm going to have to let them call me "Sam" or "Joe" for awhile to make up for this oversight.

     Meanwhile I'm still getting all hyped up for the Batman flic AND the podcast that I will be taking part in along with my two buddies named MARK.  The podcast will be Monday, the 16th of July, 2012 at 3 pm.  It usually runs about 35 minutes or so and it's about the most fun I've had gabbing about comics lately, so I hope you get to tune in and join in (on the listening end anyway) on some podcast enjoyment and opinions.

     Take care and adopt a comic today!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Different Bat-Suits

     Hi everyone, I thought I'd talk about Batman a lot through the rest of July and I started thinking about the different suits he has worn throughout his career.

     Batman has worn bulletproof suits, armored suits, underwater Bat -Suits and stealth suits in his long lasting career.  But I want to know one thing only...does he have one that's AIR-CONDITIONED?  Because then I wouldn't mind dressing up like Batman!

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Here Comes Bat Podcast

     Hi everyone, just to let you know, I'll be joining the 2 Mikes for another great News-Herald, this one is on the subject of the "Dark Knight Rises."  So join me and the Mikes on July 16th at 3 o'clock pm.  Get ready to hear a lot of cool Bat-talk.

     Don't forget that the Kid Hero novelette will be resuming in early August, not early July as I stated before.  That's so I can focus all of my attention  on Batman!

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Novel News and Bat Hints

     Hi everyone, I'm blogging from beautiful downtown Willoughby,  which means I'm at the Comic Heaven comic shop blogging away because my computer at home is still being a pain in the neck.  Anyway, As I stated a few weeks ago, I was going to re-start my comic novel on this blog site, but I've decided to postpone the novelette until early August because I'm spending the next few weeks talking about BATMAN!

     So take care, get ready to hear a lot about Batman and don't forget to adopt a comic today.  

Saturday, June 30, 2012


     Hey everybody, guess what I've been doing the last few days...what everyone else has been doing- trying to beat the heat!  It makes me want to read Flash comics so that I can see where he fights...CAPTAIN COLD!  Maybe too, I could pick up a Batman comic and see him defeat MR. FREEZE!

     There was one comic from my childhood (Blackhawk #160, I believe) where the Magnificent 7 were frozen in blocks of ice by bad guy aliens from Saturn.  Normally I would say, "Get me outta here!"  But with the heat index over 100, I say, "Hit me again you Saturnian wise guys!"

     Take care, stay cool and adopt a comic today.

Monday, June 25, 2012


     I know I've had a bit of computer trouble and I just blogged about my appearance on the News-Herald podcast at 3pm today, but while I've been sitting around, I've been watching Law and Order Criminal Intent shows this morning.  Now I've seen CSI comics based on the network show, so wy not some L&W comics, I'd go for that.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

     PS: two, two, two blogs in one...day.


     It's Monday the 25th of June and my birthday weekend is officially over.  I had some trouble with my computer over the weekend so I didn't get to give all of you folks a heads up for my comic book plans for today.

     I'll be joining the News-Herald Podcast team today, 6-25-12, at 3:00m to talk about the upcoming Spiderman movie.  Hope you get a chance to listen, or at least download later.  See you then,

     Don't forgrt to adopt a comic today.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Late Birthday talk and Comics

     Hi, I know this is late but yesterday, June 22nd was my birthday and I'm getting home late from talking COMICS with some friends.  So I promised the other day to talk about some aging heroes.

     Back in the early 1990's, DC Comics stated that Green Arrow was 44 years old while Green Lantern had grey hair.  That's nothing since Marvel gave Reed Richards grey hair right from the start, stating that he was in WWII, later forgeting about that particular tour of duty and just stating that the grey was premature.  Well,  I gues all of the heroes in comics today are just back from the island of Greece where they all obtained the "formula" if you know what I mean.

     Gotta go and read some birthday comics and get some sleep only after remembering a few happy thoughts about my dear friend Gene Colan, artist supreme on Batman, Daredevil, Captain America, Iron Man and many others as he died last year the day after my birthday.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Local Hero in My Book

     Hi, I was at Barnes and Nobles last week buying books and checking out their (what else?) comics section.  As I was leaving I saw a gentleman (in every sense of the word) guarding and herding a momma goose and her 12 babies across the parking lot, stopping cars and the such as the birds made their way slowly all the way from Macy's.

     I stopped to watch for about a half an hour, especially since the gaggle stopped under my car for a rest, and began chatting with the fellow.  From the time he started watching over the momma and baby birds he must have been at it at least an hour before the geese found haven in the woods and pond behind the bookstore.  That's what I call a hero in my book and certainly a gentle man.

     PS: Tomorrow is my birthday, so on Friday, June 22nd, I'll be talking about heroes who age and celebrate those personal holidays.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

Monday, June 18, 2012



     "Hey Mom," began Ken, "your advice worked and on the first call too.  The police might be inclined to look the other way when Adam and I "help out" a little with rounding up the scum around here."

     "Good for you dear," His mother sipped from her tea cup then set it down and looked up to give her only son a smile.

     "It didn't hurt that he said we'd pay special attention to the west side of town."  Adam grinned, throwing his two cents into the conversation.

     "Then do a good job boys."  Ken's mother sipped more tea and then retired to the other room.

     "Come on Adam," spoke Ken, "let's work on some plans.


Friday, June 15, 2012


     "Would you be willing to look the other way if a criminal is getting his just desserts?"
The voice came through a special garbled transmission line.

     The police detective answering the phone at the station quickly asked, "Who is this?"

     "Never you mind, just answer the question!"


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Con Thoughts and Comic Novelette

     Hi, just to let everyone know again how much fun I had with the people I met at last week's comic convention.  I also had a few extra minutes to stop by a nearby dealer table to buy a few things for myself (small stack of ten $3 books).  In the future I'll give you tips on stretching your convention dollar. 

     Take care and adopt a comic today.


     It was later that same evening that Ken, with his friend Adam watching, spoke to his mother.

     "So the police situation, what do you think I should do?"

     "Find one you can trust and work your way up the food chain from there."  His mother knitted as she talked.

     "I just don't want to wind up a vigilante, I want to be a legit enforcer of the law."  Ken had a serious look on his face as he spoke.

     "Then join the Police Academy."  Her knitting stopped, her gaze was stern.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Comics for Recovery and Novelette

     Hi, I'm about to get some more minor surgery but guess what, that means I'll sit on the couch and read COMICS!  Yahoo.  Think I'll start picking them out right now  Take care and adopt a comic today.


     "So now what?"  Adam questioned his friend Ken who sat in the driver's seat steering the vehicle.

     "We do a little fight training and then decide which part of town to clean up first."  Ken spoke in a nonchalant fashion as if crime fighting plans happened to everyone, everyday.

     "I still say we should check with the police or something," I don't want to get in trouble."

     "We won't," replied Ken, "I'll take care of that next."


Friday, June 8, 2012

Comic Novelette


     The crowd gathered around Adam and closed in on him.  Two of the people brandished knives in his direction.  Finally one of them stopped right in front of the crime fighter wanna be.  As the knife weilder stopped in front of Adam, the rest of the crowd stooped over to pick up the fallen money.

     Adam shot out his arms and knocked the knife holder flat on his backside.

     "Hey, what's the big idea, I only wanted to keep you away from the money that fella said was ours."  The man folded the knife and put it away. 

     "Yeah I guess you're right."  Adam reached into his pocket and pulled out a ten dollar bill and tossed it to the man.  "Here, it's all I have," he added before turning away and walking towards Ken.

     "Okay," spoke Ken to his friend, "we can go back home now."

     "What was all that about?"  Adam held out his palms waiting for an answer.

     "I found out my buddy used a minimum of force and showed some compassion.  We can go now, the test is over."  Ken got behind the wheel and fired up the engine.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Comic Day and More Novelette

     I haven't looked at my comic haul from earlier today yet, but I did pick up for a friend the "Little Orphan Annie hardcover.  It's the only reprint that he's actively collecting whereas I'm killing myself with all the recent cool reprints from the past.  Well, I'd better sign off now, I've got John Byrne's "Trio" to read.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.


     The vehicle pulled over and stopped at a dark and seedy part of town.  Ken Smart hopped out of the front seat in his uniform and asked his friend, Adam to do the same.

     "What happens next?"  Adam looked around almost apprehensively.

     "I give you a test," began Ken.  He walked around the street and began pulling wads of money from an inner pocket. 

     "Free money, free money," shouted Ken as he tossed the cash to and fro.  "And this guy here has a lot more."  He pointed at Adam, standing beside the car in his costume.  He then turned and walked away.

     "What are you doing?"  Adam was almost pleading.

     "Seeing if you have what it takes, but don't worry, I'll be close by."

     Adam's eyes grew wide behind his mask as nearby shadows turned to real people that approached him slowly, menacingly and some with knives.


Monday, June 4, 2012


     Hey, had a great time yesterday at the Great Lakes Mall signing my new books and meeting lots of comic fans.  I even took place in a panel discussion..."Vampires vs Zombies."  Had a wonderful time signing for eight hours and even picked up some 50 cent books and some romance comics for my own collection.  Then I came home and collapsed.  This was one of the better shows in a while.  Hope to do another show soon.


       "Can I drive," asked Adam, leaning over Ken's shoulder as he gripped the steering wheel.

     "No, we have to talk a little on the way to town."

     "About what, we're crime fighters now aren't we?"  Adam leaned back in his seat.

     "We have to talk about whether letting you join me was a good idea."  Ken's tone sounded grim.

     "Wha-?"  Adam was speechless.


Friday, June 1, 2012

More Signings and Comic Novelette

     Yes, more new magazines of mine are making thier debut.  Vampire Gazette #4 shows up this Sunday 6-3-2012 at the Great Lakes Mall theatre in the lobby.  We will have a free poster for the first customer there.


     "But what's my super name, Ken?"  Adam Pitman was impatient with his question.

     "Call me Kid Hero when we're both in costume."  Ken seemed annoyed as he replied.  "You my friend, are...Big Pal."

     "What kind of a name is that?"

     "One that I just thought up, now come on...Big Pal."  Kid Hero jumped into the car as he finished speaking.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012



     "So my costume is blue?  Seventeen year old Adam Pitman questioned his billionaire friend, sixteen year old Ken Smart.

     "That will be the color of their bruises, the bad guys that is, when we're through with them."  Ken chuckled as he answered.

     "Does anybody ever really call them "bad guys" anymore?"  Adam quizzed his rich buddy as he put on his uniform.

     "I don't think they're out at nights committing crimes because they're nice, do you?"  Ken answered a question with a question.  Then he added, "Come on, let's go!"

     The pair in their costumes headed for the car.

     "Let's try to not stay out late, huh, I've got a history test second period."  Adam seemed more worried about that than any impending danger the boys were about to face.


PS:  Don't forget I'll be signing copies of my new Vampire Gazette #4 Sunday at the theater at Great Lakes Mall (between Max and Irma's and Office Max) from 10am-5pm.  Hope to see you.

Monday, May 28, 2012


     "So are we gonna be a super team, dude?"  Adam Pitman, Ken's teenage friend leaned forward awaiting an answer.
     "Now let's not jump to conclusions, Adam.  We have things to think over first, like are you as dedicated as I am?"  Ken took on an adult air as he spoke to his friend.

     "Well, you did mention that this was a career not an obsession, right?"  Adam seemed puzzled at Ken's serious tone.  "I mean, you are paying all of your sidekicks, right?"

     "Let's talk about that later, I've got other problems to consider first."


Friday, May 25, 2012



     Ken called a few of his friends on his cell phone.  To each and every one of them he posed a question.

    "Hey, you wanna fight crime, I'll pay you?"

     Almost all of them replied that they were too old to join the Police Academy and left it at that, not quite understanding Ken's exact proposal.  The last friend though, understood the situation from Ken's viewpoint and replied in the affirmative.

     "Do I get to wear a cool costume?"

     "We'll talk."  Ken then hung up and began making plans.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012



     "Hey Ma, what do you think I should do, I mean with life?"  Ken spoke in a serious tone.

     "I think you should finish school."  His mother was matter-of-fact with the tone of her reply.

     "I bought the school, they'll make sure I graduate."  Strangely enough, Ken was not smirking as he gave that particular answer.

     "I keep forgetting, you are a billionairre."  But his mother did smirk as she delivered her answer.

     "No," began Ken again, "I mean with the fighting crime stuff."  He now looked earnest in his delivery.

     "Well, you're fairly well protected in that suit of yours, so I'm not worried but still it's not a job that you can retire from with a pension."  His mother placed her hands gently on her lap, a sure sign that she was done speaking.

     "I just want to do good for people, not just with my money, but personally, the way I can help in my costume."  His gaze almost pleaded with his mother's look.

     "You just said the magic word,"  His mother smiled.  "Good...if you want to do good, just do it."


Monday, May 21, 2012

More Kid Hero Novelette


     "I'm still new at this crime fighting stuff."  Ken spoke aloud, it helped him think.  "Should I keep it up or stop or...maybe get a few other guys like myself and start a team!"  That last part seemed to excite him.

     "Hmmm, maybe I'll ask my Mom for advice." 


Friday, May 18, 2012

My New Novel's In, Comic Novelette Continues

     As I've talked this week about my upcoming book signing at Barnes and Noble, I've sweated out the actual printing of the books at the printing plant.  Well I just heard they're ready and I can't wait to see the finished product!  So...  I hope to see all of you from 1-4 on Sunday at the B&N located next to the Max and Irma's outside the Great Lakes Mall.


     Ken listened to his radio and heard the polce band list the different areas of town that trouble was erupting in this evening.  He glanced over at his closet and saw his costume waiting for him to begin another round of crime fighting.

     "How many times do I have to go out at night to fix the city's woes?"  He spoke aloud just to hear the words.  It usually helped him think.  Then he got another thought!

     "It's a small city, what if I just bought the town, could I fix things better then?"


Wednesday, May 16, 2012


     Remember when just yesterday I told you about my book signing and the low price of the "Expediter" novel?  Well shortly after I blogged those words, the publisher called and said to highlight David's insert comic pages, they were making the book much larger, hence the price increase that was almost mandatory.  Now the book is $9.95, but looks even better in its larger format, so please forgive the mistake but I'll still be at Barnes and Noble May 20th, 2012, (this Sunday, 1-4pm) to sign autographs and chat with any people stopping by.  Thanks again and don't forget to adopt a comic today.


     After finishing his late night dinner, Ken went upstairs to his bedroom and took off his Kid Hero costume.

     "A gun or no gun," he wondered aloud.  "To kill or not to kill, that is the question, whether it is nobler in the hearts of-"  He stopped in the middle of his off kilter quote.  "No," he continued aloud to no one but himself.  "I'm only sixteen years old, really still just a kid and kids don't kill."

     "I'm trying to be a hero also, I mean it's part of my superhero name and hero's don't kill."  He began pacing back and forth across his bedroom.  "So it looks like Kid Hero stays gunless and will continue fighting crime the old fashioned way."

     Ken sat on the edge of the bed and began scribbling notes to himself trying to figure out what he was going to do the next time he took to the streets.   

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Signing Reminder

     Just to remind all of my followers that I'll be at Barnes and Nobles, May 20th, 2012 (this upcoming Sunday) from 1-4pm.  It's the B&N by Great Lakes Mall in Mentor, Ohio.  The book is called "The Expediters" and is a light-hearted spy/adventure series and actually includes a 10 page comic book insert story dealing with the characters from the book.  The book is only $6.99.  Hope to see you.

     Take Care and adopt a comic today.

Monday, May 14, 2012

More Comic Novelette


     As Ken chewed on his sandwich, his mother strolled into the kitchen in a lazy fashion.

     "So Ken," she began, "how was your evening tonight, catch a lot of crooks?"

     "A few."  Ken answered in a low key fashion, still wrapped up in most of his costume, his helmet sitting beside him on the breakfast table.

     "So, honey," she stated as she directed another question at her only son, "what's on your schedule for tomorrow?"

     He put down his sandwich, took a quick sip of iced tea and replied plainly.

     "Catch a few more."


Friday, May 11, 2012

Chris Local Book Signing & Comic Novel

     Just a note to begin reminding all of my blog readers that I'll be at Barnes and Nobles book store in Mentor, signing copies of my latest book, The Expediters" on May 20th, (Sunday) from 1pm to 4pm.  The Expediters is a spy type novelette filled with four different stories, one of which is a comic book insert drawn by my artist and friend, David Russell.  A pin-up by Pete Cooper will also adorn the pages.  The stories are all a little super-hero-ish, but you should enjoy the humor, action and wit of the book.  See you then.


     Kid Hero smiled to himself as he made his way home.  After saving the woman's life and alerting the police, he drove around town but found no more crimes in the making to attack.  As he pulled into his secret entranceway, he leapt out of the vehicle and bounded up the stairs two at a time.

     "Mom, I'm home!"

     "That's nice dear, did you stop any bounders from committing crimes?"  The reply sounded bored but inquisitive.

     "Yes I did."  Ken shouted back his answer as he took off his unweildy helmet.

     "Good, I left a late night snack on the table for you, make sure you drink all of your milk, you're still a growing boy you know."

     "Thanks Mom, I will."  Ken perched himself on the nearest kitchen chair, the cape still falling around his shoulder, and dug into the meal.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Byrne Comic and Comic Novel

     Hi everyone, today is comic book day and I'm looking forward to the new John Byrne comic book- "Trio."  It features a threesome known as "Rock, Paper Scissors."  Sounds interesting and I'll report back later.

Take care and adopt a comic today.


     Ken let the woman run by her and stood in front of the trio advancing on him.  The first attacker didn't even bother to say anything as he whipped out a large knife and thrust it towards the costumed hero.
     Ken ducked the sweeping blade and spun around with a kick to the man's side.  The hero smiled beneath his helmet as he figured the shock absorbing boots would deliver a decent ammount of painful energy to the man's rib area. 
     The next two attackers came at Ken together, one with his fists, the other with a small gun.  Ken lashed out with his gloved hand first to the man carrying the gun.  The thick, protective gloves worn by Ken were lined with an energy producing power surge upon contact.  It made it quite easy for a young man of regular size and build like Ken to take out perps twice his size.  It was no different with this one.  The man fell down moaning, clutching his gun hand in pain.

     The third attacker was easy.  Ken just turned, lowered his head and butted the man in the stomach with his protective helmet.  As the man lie on the ground, gasping for breath, Ken whipped out a small phone and dialed 911.  After relaying the location of the three men to the police, the operator asked his name.

     Ken thought a moment and blurted out- "Hero...Kid Hero."


Monday, May 7, 2012

Free Comic Thoughts and Comic Novel

I was a guest at the Free Comic Day at Great Lakes Mall at the Comics and Friends store.  Had a great time and spent most of last Saturday signing autographs for my new Vampire Gazette comic.  My artist and friend David Russell signed with me.  I also got to see Sean Forney, an old artist friend of mine from Columbus.  Lots of friendly comic-oriented people to share comic stories with.  Funniest part was when a young teenager reminded me that "Big Bang Theory" has it's season finale this week. Comic geeks look out for each other.


     The 16 year old boy billionaire, Ken Smart, headed for downtown in his dark vehicle filled with multiple crime-fighting gadgets.  His all black uniform offered safety and and ease of movement once he tangled with the criminals that rose from their hiding places every night.

     A few minutes later, he was in one of the seedier sections of town and that's when he heard the scream.  He pulled his vehicle over to the curb and jumped out the driver's door in time to see a terrified woman race past her, three burly men hot on her heels.

     Through clenched teeth, he muttered aloud to himself,  "Well, here goes nothing."


Friday, May 4, 2012

More Free Comic Day & Comic Novelette

     Today's Friday and my new comics that I write just came off the presses last night.  I'm getting them packed up and ready for sale tomorrow.  Vampire Gazette #3 and Bystander Comics Presents #2 will make their debut at Comics and Friends May 5th, 2012.  I will be there with David Russell from noon-5pm signing autographs.  Hope to see you.


     Ken landed on his feet from the three story leap as softly as a cat would by jumping down from a chair onto the kitchen floor.  Well at least the shock absorbing boots worked.  He climbed into the car parked by the side of his mansion and began mentally going through the list of all the protective and attacking weapons he had built into the vehicle.  When he got to fifteen, he stopped counting.  He hit the ignition and pulled out onto the street.  The boy billionaire was on his way to fight crime, but as he drove down the street, he thought aloud to himself.
     "Hmm, what should my super hero name be?"

     He smiled to himself, thinking that maybe he should have considered a name before he got this far along into the process.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Comics Anxiety & New Comic Novel

     It's new comic day and from what I've seen, there's really nothing coming out that I collect.  A true collector always walks the fine line between having enough to read each week and having very little so as to afford the stuff he gets weekly.  Arrrgh, what a quandry.


     The sixteen year old boy put down the book he was reading and placed it on top of a nearby box that was filled with other books of its kind...they were comic books.  Taking inspiration from some of his favorite stories contained within the pages of those brightly colored pamphlets, the young man walked to his closet and began changing clothes.  Within minutes he was enveloped in the dark kevlar, thick, shock absorbing boots, black cape, gloves and hard-shelled protective helmet.  Once dressed, he strode over to the open window of his third story bedroom.

     He then remembered two things which made him stop.  The first was his bank book that sat just a few feet to his right on the dresser.  There was suppossed to have been a direct deposit made from his internet business that he had created the previous year.  He leaned over and rifled through the pages.  Yes, there was still over a billion dollars in his account.

     "Good," he said aloud to his empty bedroom and to no one else.

     The other thing he forgot was the intercom.  He pressed the button and waited for a reply.  It responded quickly.

     "Yes, Ken?"  The voice was pleasant and female.

     "I'm going out to fight crime, Mom."

     "All right dear," came the reply.  "Please be careful, it's a little chilly out tonight."

     Smiling to himself, he dove through the open window and saw the ground come rushing up at him....         

                                                      TO BE CONTINUED
                                                       (every Mon-Wed-Fri.)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Comics Signings and Comic Novels

     Hi everyone, today I want to remind readers that I'll be appearing at Comics and Friends at the Great Lakes Mall on Free Comic Day, May 5, 2012, between Noon and 5:00pm.  I'll be signing copies of my new Vampire Gazette #3 as well as Bystander Comics Presents #2.  Both are $3.50 each.  I'll be there with my artist and friend, David Russell.  We hope to see and chat with you.  Pick up some free comics from the store while you're there.

     Also I've been telling all of you that something big and different is coming at this site.  Well here it is.  Starting Wednesday, May 2nd, I'll be writing a free comic book novelette for you, a paragraph or so at a time.  Postings will be every Mon=Wed-Fri.  Of course I'll be doing my regular postings also.  Talk to you soon and hope to see you on Free Comic Day

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Four Way Comics Podcast

     I had a great time talking with Mark,Mark and John (who actually appeared in the movie) about the upcoming "Avengers" movie on the News-Herald podcast today from 3-4.  It was a lot of fun and we're all going to do it again for the Spidey and Batman movie.

     Also, big things are coming to this comic book blog site on May 1st.  Stay tuned.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Comics Podcasting

     Yes, according to the title today, I'll be podcasting live from the News-Herald Monday, April 23 from 3-4pm.  Myself and two editors from the paper will be discussing The Avengers movie starting in a few weeks.  I know I'm not giving readers a lot of notice, but I'm sitting here with my broken foot in a bucket of ice, reading comics, not wanting to write much this weekend.
     But you just wait until tomorrow.  I mean- Podcasts: Don't get me started!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Challenging Comics

     No, I'm not,according to the title, going toe to toe against my favorite hobby.  Actually I'm thinking about the new Challenger of the Unknown storyline that just finished for DC.  The writer killed Ace and Rocky, only hinting that they may be brought back to life, aaaaargh.  Of course by these comments you can guess that I'm ready to say (with apologies to my own blog title) Challengers: don't get me started.

     PS: I just broke my foot the other day and guess what I'm doing?  That's right, I'm reading comics!

Monday, April 9, 2012


     I hope everyone had a nice Easter yesterday.  I went to church, went home and cooked for family and rested the rest of the day.  I did not have a chance to fiddle with comics.  Hmmm, a day WITHOUT COMICS...DON'T GET ME STARTED!

     Take care and adopt a comic today!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Reasons for Bat-Bashing?

     Just the other day I blogged about why two friends of mine quit collecting Batman after decades of purchasing comics with the Caped Crusader in it.  Well the recent story is okay, as the art is also passable to a degree, but I re-read my issues and may have found a sticking point.

     You see, Batman beat a guy and got beat beyond any human pain endurance.  Believe me, it wasn't pretty.  Later in the Bat-Cave, Batman deduces that there's a hidden implant in Robin's tooth, placed there when he was probably unconcious at some point during the case.  So during an arguement between the Dynamic Duo, rather than just suggest that Robin submit to an x-ray to prove his point, he shuts up Robin and makes his point at the same time by slugging him in the jaw so hard that he knocks the offending molar out!

     I mean after all, isn't somebody supposed to be the good guy in this comic?  This slant on my favorite character is getting me going and maybe not in a nice direction.  So to DC I say..."Batman Comics: Don't Get Me Started!"

     Take care and adopt a comic today!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


     Today I'd like to remind everyone of pets in comics, animals like Krypto, the Super dog, pet to both Superboy and man.  Streaky, Supergirl's cat and Blackie, the Blackhawk's pet hawk.  The list goes on and on but you get the idea, almost every hero had a (let's not forget Ace, the Bat Hound) pet in their lives, or every DC comics character that is.

     I bring up the subject to honor the 5th anniversary of the passing of my little Ripley, a female Mini-Schnauser.  I had her from the time she was 6 weeks old to the time she died at the age of 17.  She was my great pal.  She was right up there with my love of comics, family and...well you get the point.  And as far as how much I love comics, well...DON'T GET ME STARTED!

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Watch Out DC

     Hi, just to let you know, I'm a big Batman fan and so are a couple of my good friends...Jim and Brian.  My point to this comment is that they both told me this week that they are no longer buying Batman after DECADES of collecting the adventures of the Caped Crusader.

     DC recently said that the New 52 is re-imagining many of these great heroes, but let me tell you, maybe they should start re-imagining their writers and artists or they may have to start re-imagining their fan base.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Regular Days, Cowboys and Stuff

     Nothing really big came out this week in the comic worls.  I did enjoy Aquaman, but other than that I've been picking up old issues of Kid Colt, Two-Gun Kid and Kid Colt.  Fun, enjoyable comics indeed.  I did pick up the Tin-Tin movie on DVD since I'm a huge fan of the old comics by Herge.

     I can't wait for the Avengers movie to come out.  I also have three book signings in  May and June but I'll tell you more about these when the time gets closer.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


     It was reported recently that Jose Decarlo, wife of the late long time Archie artist, Dan Decarlo, passed away the other day.  Husband Dan used his wife for the model of one of his own creation back in the 1960's...Jose and the Pussycats.  Dan also created for Archie comics, Sabrina, the Teen-age Witch.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bunch of Stuff

     I just read that Dark Horse Comics is going digital online.  Also saw that Mickey Spillane has new book out finished from an old lost plotline by friend and author Max Allen Collins who writes comics.  And now that Davey Jones has passed away I'll start re-reading my old Monkee comics which has Mike (in the early issues) still called not by name but by the moniker producers wanted to saddle his character with... "Wool Hat."

   Check out my website- E-Comics Gazette.  This new issue which begins the 15th of March, has some strnage comics featured in a theme I call, "Beware the Odds of March."

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Ghost of Batman

     It was reported through multiple media that Batman /Bob Kane "ghost" artist, Sheldon Moldoff passed away at the age of 91 from kidney failure on Feb. 29.  Shelly as he was called helped fill the need for Batman material in the early 1940's while drawing the Flash and Green Lantern and was the last surviving artist who worked on Action Comics #1.

     After leaving Kane's (co-creator of Batman) employ around 1942, Shelley came back and was Kane's main helper from 1953-67.  In 1968, DC comics bought out Kane and Moldoff was out of a job.  Later he worked in animation and advertising before retiring to a life of commissions and conventions.

     As a young Batman fan, Shelly's Batman was the first I ever saw and I always looked forward to more.

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Catch Up

     I've got to catch up with my blogs since I've been seriously ill again this past week, things left over from my heart experience this past summer.  Anyway let's get to a few seperate items.

     1) The tragedy in Chardon brings to mind the Wickliffe school shooting of almost 20 years ago.  I also heard of a teacher by the name of Mr. Hall who dodged bullets to chase the shooter away.  I guess that proves that not all heroes wear capes.

     2) A silent movie won an Oscar for "best picture" last week.  In the comics there have been silent comics like the famous G.I.Joe #21 from the 1980's, which was no doubt influenced by Steranko's silent opeing to Nick Fury #1, 1968.  I guess with the Oscars, they've proved that "Silence is Golden."

     Take Care and adopt a comic today. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

New Worlds?

     DC's new press release says that last september was all about "reimagining,"' while their new six titles, or second wave as they're calling it, is all about, "world building."

     Hoo-boy, talk about your spin doctoring.  Those six new books are nothing but replacements for the books that were CANCELLED!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another Passing

     It was reported recently through many comic book internet sources that comic legend John Severin passed away just the other day at the age of 90.  Severin worked on the EC war comics in the 1950's with Wally Wood and Harvey Kurtzman.

     In the 1960's, John worked at Marvel Comics working on such titles as Nick Fury, Agent of Shield, Hulk and Sgt. Fury.  In the 70's I loved Severin's artwork on "The Losers" strip in the comic, "Our Fighting Forces."

     Some of you long time comic readers may remember that John had a younger sister Marie that worked at Marvel as a colorist and artist on the Hulk, Not Brand Echh and other titles.

     Take care and adopt a John Severin comic today.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

     Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  On this day I'm always thinking of when I was around 6 years old.  My Dad was at the breakfast table (which was rare since he left at 6 or 7 in the morning) and handed me a v-day card and a comic.  Wow, you get candy AND comics!  "Killer Shark's Floating Fortress," was the title of that particular story from the Blackhawk comic series which was one of my favorites at the time.  Great memories and since my Dad's still around, I called him to remind him of the joy I felt lo those many years ago because of his kindness.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

T.V. Show

     Yesterday I watched "Comic Men" on AMC.  The first few minutes were fine, but soon it denigrated into "Pawn Stars" with comics.  Also, not enough Kevin Smith which was the key selling point in the whole package.  I'll give it another shot but I'm getting bored already.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


     I'm hearing some odd things through the grapevine lately.  With sales sinking a bit on the new 52 at DC, there's talk that they might re-start their line every single year and just change the volume number.  Probably just scuttlebutt, of course DC did just cancel 6 of its books and replace them with new ones.  Well, we'll see.

     Take care and don't forget to adopt a comic today.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


     Thank goodness the month is over because I like to have the television on sometimes while I'm reading comics and all I hear lately is the screaming from all the JC Penney commercials. Starting mere hours from the time I post this, a new day will dawn and hopefully the ad will be pulled and I'll go back to reading comics with just the familiar "dun dun" sound of all my Law and Order shows raging in the background.

     Take care and adopt a comic today!

     PS: Keep looking for something different on this blog site very soon.

Monday, January 30, 2012

I Told You

     Although I became pleasantly surprised when the New 52 from DC Comics arrived in the fall, I remember that originally I talked of slight trepidation.  Well to a degree I guess I was right because DC just announced that they are cancelling 6 books from the 52 and replacing them with 6 new ones.

     We shall see what happens when these new concepts (which are old ones recycled) hit the stands.  And this is why when you begin talking comics: don't get me started!

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

     PS: Something different is coming to this blog, so pay attention.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


     One of the great things about Monday and Tuesday is that you can check the Diamond ship list for the new comics that are coming your way during the middle of the week.  The anticipation might be killing me on Sunday, but come the new work week...Yahoo!

Monday, January 16, 2012

History Lesson

     Last week I picked up my monthly Comics Buyers Guide along with The Jack Kirby Collector 58.  Both mags have great insight into my favorite hobbies past.  I've written for these publications along with others like it, but I truly love these type of publications since they inform us of our great (of comics) heritage.  This week, another one entitled Back Issue is coming out.  I can't wait!

     Don't forget, something different is coming to this blog very soon.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good Deed

     I was meeting with a friend today who last night asked if I had a certain 2 part continued story from the mid 1970's.  He remembered the story as a kid and wanted to borrow it to re-read.  Luckily I did and passed them on to him during dinner a few scant hours ago.  It makes me feel good to be a good deed doer, especially when it comes to my favorite hobby.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

     PS: Keep looking for a new item appearing soon on this blog!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Good Neighbors

     Last week after comic book day, my next door neighbor came home from college and was so glad to see me.  Well of course she was, I brought her a stack of Archies and "Life with Archie" is a title we both collect.  It's good to have friends and fellow collectors that you can chat with every so often.  Go, go,go collector community!

     Don't forget to adopt a comic today.

     PS: Coming soon to this blog...a comic book experiment.  Keep your eyes open!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year

      It's the first new day of the year and I hope everyone is enjoying themselves.  And of course this Wednesday will be the first comic book day of the new year.  In fact every Wednesday brings new comics to us fans.  And every new week brings new comics which renew us, just as every single new day brings redemption and renewal to all of us, both comics fans and not.

     So treat every comic like a new experience and give those babies a try, even as some of the stories may seem like you've read them before, be forgiving and hang in there with them and give a new title a try while you're at it, after all it's a new year so live a little.

     Have a great new year and adopt a comic today.