Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Comic Day!

Hey comic book lovers, today's that day that only means something to us collectors...Wednesday, also known among us afficianados as new comic book day.  So guess where I was today...that's right my comic shop of choice (although I'll be talking about others in the near future) Sports n More.  That's not only where I get my weekly fix, but get to talk to long time friends Matt, Jess and Mrs. C.  Picked up some Archies for the kids next door and Batman for myself.  While I'm on the subject, Batman Beyond is a great book so give it a try.  I've recently celebrated a certain big number as far as times I've visited this particular store, can anybody guess what the big number is?  Next time any of you feel like writing in, take a guess, let's see who comes the closest.  Talk to you very soon about what's right and what's wrong about comics nowadays.  But don't get me started.

PS: I have three new comic magazines debuting this weekend, so if anybody's in the Lake County area of Ohio, stop by the Great Lakes Mall sometime between 10am and 6pm on May 22nd and check out the ccomic conventionask.  See ya.


  1. Hey! Good luck with the new books! I'll stop by abd sya hello!

  2. When are you going to send some Archies to your kid out in Colorado??