Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hey, I Saw the Sun!

     Hey everyone, I just saw the sun in Lake County!  And lately that's something to get excited about with all of the rain coming down this month.  Of course I let all of my thoughts wander to my hobby of comics.
     Sunboy of the Legion of Superheroes from Adventure Comics instantly came to mind once I checked out the sky this morning.  He was able to generate both heat and light from his hands and had the symbol of the (what else) sun on his chest.
     Sunfire was a mutant that first appeared in X-Men #64 from the late 60's.  He was a Japanese teen whose origin also ties into this weekend since his parents recieved the mutant genes from the A-blast from Hiroshima.  Later Sunfire (whose power was to generate heat) joined the X-Men but only briefly.
     I also ran into Batman Annual #8, from 1982.  This had a story entitled, "Messiah of the Crimson Sun."  So yes, I have been trying to think about and enjoy that bright, yellow orb.

     PS: My last blog I talked about storms and comics, but didn't mention Storm of the X-Men.  Just thought it was too much of an easy one so I identified the more obscure Captain Storm.

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