Monday, May 23, 2011

convention thoughts

      I participated in the Lake Effect Comic Book Convention at the Great Lakes Mall  yesterday, the one I wrote about last week on this same blog.  My artist friends who produced the three comics, which debuted yesterday, attended as well and the producer of the show seated us all together.  We were a hit!  You can never be sure how sales will go but our books were very well received! 

     Tons of people stopped by to chat and I was amazed at all of the new people I met.  My friends Pete and Jeremy are old hands at this convention biz as am I, but my friend, oil painter David, was blown away as this was his first show.  I also got to chat some more with newer friends like Mark Sumerak, a writer from Marvel. 

     I'm already getting e-mails from customers who love the books that they purchased at the show.  Hmmm, speed readers I guess, but on the other hand how long does it take to read a 32 page comic.  Anyway, I had a good time and will tell you more about my good time throughout the week.  Take care and give a comic book a good home this week.

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