Friday, November 25, 2022

I'm Back, Alive and Talking Comics!

Hello everyone, hope all is well! Yep, months of Covid, heart problems, diabetes problems and after-effects from a serious car crash, and I'm talking comics again! Since we talked last, the comic book greats have been falling like flys. Neal Adams and George Perez passed within a week of each other back in June. Then came Tim Sale and most recently...Ken Conroy, the voice of Animated Batman! In the weeks to come, I will tell you about my one meeting with the voice of the Bat! Also a post happy thanksgiving to all. I wound up slightly ill after my meal and had to go straight to bed with hardly a nod to this weeks comics. Did I say hardly? HARDLY! I still dove into my Epic collection of Iron Fist. filled with mainly John Byrne art. Yea, go John! Well, enough for now, I promise I wwill get back to a regular schedule on my "Comics: Don't Get Me Started" blog Take care and remember to adopt a (any kind) comic book today!

Friday, May 6, 2022

Free Comic Book Day!

Hello everyone, hope all is well. Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day and I'll be appearing at Geek's Gambit comic store in Mentor-on-the-lake, Ohio from 11 am -2 pm on saturday May 7th, 2022. Come talk to me about comics, see the new books I've written and talk Neal Adams (in his honor) and of course I'll be blogging about him next week. See you then, Take care and remember to adopt a (free) comic book today (really tomorrow)! Bye

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Fan Expo Convention!

Hello everyone, hope all is well! Today I stopped by the Huntington convention center in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. I got to meet a couple of great Batman artists, got to listen to Capt. Kirk give a talk (William Shatner). I also met some actors "Supernatural" and got to buy a lot of cool stuff. There's one more day left, so go online and pick up a ticket from Fan Expo and have fun! Take care and remember to adopt a comic (convention this time) book today!

Legendary Passing...Neal Adams

Hello everyone, hope all is well. Yesterday, ironically, on national super hero day, comic artist supreme neal Adams passed away just weeks shy of his 81st birthday. Neal was best known for creating his artistic art style that became known as "Photo-Realism." This style took comics away from any vestiges of cartoony images and brought comics into the 70s and a more realistic approach He's also credited with dragging Batman away from the silly and campy television show of the 60s. Along with writer Denny O'Neil, Neal brought "relevance" into comics with his run on Green Lantern/Green Arrow. Deadman was another one of his signiture characters. More on him coming up soon! Take care and remember to adopt a (Neal Adams) comic book today!

Friday, March 25, 2022

That First Show!

Hello everyone, hope all is well. After a few months of Covid I'm back in the saddle. And I am here to tell you that Saturday, March 26th, I will be over at the Great Lakes mall in Mentor, Ohio at the craft show. And of course my crafts are the books I'm showing off tomorrow. So stop by and say hello and get great book deals on a lot of action based paperbacks! Yes, stop and talk comics or pop culture with me. I'll be there from 11am till 3pm. And I'll have a lot of good news for those who stop by. If you can't make it, then stay tuned to this blog site and I will be relating the news to you over the electronic wire, so to speak. Take care and adopt a comic (any kind, or one that you bought at a show) today!

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Self Storage as Self Preservation

Hello Everyone, hope all is well. It is a new year and beside spending all of your comic book gift cards, you should try to find boxes,bags and boards for your books. Problem is, nobody seems to have them. maybe the supply chain is at the heart of the problems. So try and find SOME kind of box (that hopefully won't be eating up your bboks with the regular, acid oozing cardboard) that can keep your babies protected from sliding around your den. Meanwhile, I'll try to find some answers for myself by next time to pass on to you. Take care and remember to adopt a comic book (and a box to keep it in) today!

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Warning, Warning= Bad News About Comic Books to Come!

Hello everyone, hope all is well. Today I was told that comic book prices are going up due to climate crisis, fires all over the place and backstock of just about all products (especially paper). It was also told to me (by a shadowy source) that DC and Marvel are cutting out variant covers and different versions of the same comics to save paper. But DC, with its limited output has already got comics at close to 6 bucks a crack. What's next, bank loans for weekly comics? Maybe fans can send ten dollar bills directly to the major comic companies and have them print your comics directly on your tenspot for you. All I know is that this coming! Take care and remember to adopt a comic (anyone under eight bucks) book today!