Thursday, November 2, 2017

Cosplay, Ashtabula

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  This Saturday, November 4th and 5th, (yes, a 2 day show) I'll be a guest at the N.E. Geek Fest at the Ashtabula mall.

     The second day (Sun) from Noon to 12:30, I'll be performing a short Orson Welles show concerning only the War of the Worlds radio broadcast due to the close proximity to the recently passed Halloween.  My recent "Orson vs. Alfred" book will also be on sale

     Also, Bystander Group LLC, the publishing group which I write for, has published TWO new, Bystander Adventure Series, sci-fi paperback books that I have just completed over the summer.  Stop by and get a copy and talk while I autograph them. 

     Hope to see you!

     Take care and adopt a Bystander (one of mine hopefully) Adventure book today (or Saturday and Sunday)!

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