Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Green Arrow

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  Today I'm talking about bad-guy bashing bowman Green Arrow.

     Created by Mort Weisinger in the early 1940s, Green Arrow first appeared in More Fun comics #73.  But back then and for many ensuing years, he was nothing more than a bland "Batman with a Bow."

     But a quarter of a century later, this perennial back-up feature got a face lift from artist supreme, Neal Adams, streamlining Oliver Queen's former baggy costume and giving the bowman facial hair in Brave and Bold #86 from 1969.  A few years later, writer Denny O' Neil grafted a new liberal firebrand attitude onto the character and the new look was so popular that it was even mirrored in the toys of that era.

     Almost another 20 years later, writer/artist Mike Grell gave the Arrow a new hooded monk look in "The Longbow Hunters."  The mini-series was popular enough that Ollie finally got his own ongoing comic book.

     And now in this new century, the Arrow has finally received his own popular television series on the CW Network.  So we've now been informed on where Oliver Queen came from, but where is he going?  What is his future?  As straight as an arrow, follow his CW show every week and find out.

     Take care and adopt (one with an arrow in it) comic book today!  

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