Thursday, October 13, 2016

Clown Comics

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  You know, recently A lot has been made of the weird clown sightings that have scared children and adults.  Some cities have even outlawed these mirthful monsters.  And I certainly do not understand the urge to scare people.  But did you know that comic books have the same problems?

     Yes, scary clowns at the top of the comic book food chain would be The Joker.  Hanging around and bothering Gothamites and the Caped Crusader since Batman #1 (Spring, 1940), this Clown Prince of Crime is one big clown pain in the butt.

     There are others, but for the sake of this short and to the point blog, let's just say that just one other mirthful madcap encapsulates the strangeness of these Bozo wannabees...

     Marvel's Obnoxio the clown!

     Take care and remember to adopt a (funny) comic book today.

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