Friday, October 21, 2016

Capes and Hearts

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  In all of the comic books I've read over the years, I've always seen heroes who save the day in the "nick of time."  And the heroes have always been equipped to take on the job before them.

     A boulder about to fall on you, call Superman.  You need a super agile helper to get you out of the way from some danger, get hold of Spiderman.  In need of a detective to figure out your problem, get the best and call for Batman.  But you get my drift.  If you are in big trouble, call the big heroes.

     But what about the small problems, the small dangers, the small emergencies?  I mean if someone is crying, there's no need to call The Flash and if someone is sad, don't bother The Avengers.

     All you need is a neighbor or friend.  And to fix the problem you don't have to come from Krypton, or be bitten by a radioactive spider.  But you do need something that all of us regular folks have already, a power that we were all born with, the power to listen, to give a hug, to hold a care.

     So if you want to help and do something to help those in distress, you don't need a shield or a special car or a jet-pack.  You can put on a cape if you want, but don't forget the greatest weapon a hero can have, that you already have...a heart.

     Take care and adopt a (caring) comic book today!

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