Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Batman vs. Superman

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  Within a couple of weeks, a film containing a Batman/Superman slugfest is coming out nationwide.  And the gist of the film's animosity surrounding the two main character's goes back to the mid and late 80's.  Back then, as DC Comics was re-inventing themselves, the powers that be, figured that two so unlike characters would never be friends, hence, they MUST be enemies.

     But my generation comes from a time when the two of them were not only friends, but shared a book together, one called...World's Finest.  And finest it was, as Superman, Batman and Robin all shared an exciting book filled with aliens, super villains, sorcerers and what nots.

     But after around 30 years, tastes change, so DC made the former friends give one another the cold shoulder.  But it's been another 30 years since then, so I wish the pendulum would swing back the other way and get back on friendly terra firma.  But that's only my wish, my World's Finest wish.

     Take care and adopt a (friendly) comic today!

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