Sunday, August 30, 2015

Final Call, Final Art, Final Irony

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  Now anyone who has read this blog or any of my other sites, has heard me tell or seen me write of the relationship I had with comic book artist supreme...Gene Colan.  We took turns for years calling one another on the phone, keeping in touch.  I considered him a friend and he was always kind to me, inquiring about my father's health and my dog Ripley.  I looked forward to my monthly phone visits with Gene and his lovely wife.

     Of course when my birthday arrived four years ago and Gene did not call, I was dismayed and a little worried since I knew he had health problems.  I found out the next day that he had passed away.  I was distraught (not feeling too well myself at this point) and a few days later collapsed with the first of multiple heart attacks, heart ailments and heart operations.

     Flash forward four years and I found myself engaged, as I always do, with the Heritage comic book art auction last Friday.  I was bound and determined to win an important piece of original from my old friend, Gene.  I won the piece and when I did some further research on my newly acquired piece of Gene Colan art, I found that it was found on his easel, the day he died, the last drawing he ever made, and now the art has passed into the hands of his great admirer and someone who very much enjoyed the kindness he showed me.

     In a way, I think I finally got Gene's last phone call.

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