Thursday, November 27, 2014


     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  This past week I went to a friend's funeral.  Don Sheppard was a fellow church member of mine, a lunch buddy and the 2nd man across the Remagen Bridge during the Battle of the Bulge.  I asked him the importance of being second, which got him in more than a few papers.

     "I was just trying to duck bullets and stay in one piece." 

     It's a humble line, but many millions like him did more than humble things which allow us 70 years later to enjoy freedom to celebrate holidays like Thanksgiving.  I also give thanks to guys like Don that made this country free enough to enjoy trivial things (but  not to me) like hobbies and collecting and...comic books.

     I will remember Don and already have a picture of him and my wife hanging in my den.  Also, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there reading this and stop by the Great Lakes Mall this Saturday, Nov. 29 at Comics and Friends and chat between Noon and 5 o'clock, say hello and maybe pick up my new book..."My Favorite Super Teams."

     Take care and adopt a comic (and hug and say hello to your own friend,  like my Don) today.

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