Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cold Comics a "Haven."

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  I guess with all of the snow coming down, I should mention a comic about Captain Cold or Mr. Freeze.  Well I'm not.  But I am going to mention a Batman story that takes place in the snow.

     The tale concerns a violent man who had so many urges of anger that he found peace living in the mountains in a cabin by himself near the wildlife that he came to love as friends and soothing medicine to him.  But when crooks (and Batman) enter his domain, violence occurs which sets this man mountain off on a tirade once the bad guys kills one of the small woodland creatures for no reason.

     But the gentle giant goes berserk, hurting most of the bad guys, but dies in the process.  He tells Batman that he is happy to die since his anger will now be gone for good.  He indeed passes away with all of his furry friends surrounding him.  R. L. Stevenson is quoted from his verses about the hunter home from the hill at stories end.

     Writer Len Wein said recently that this was his favorite of all the Batman tales he wrote.  And with one of my favorite Bat-Artists, Don Newton supplying the art, this story of a violent man who took the name "Haven," is indeed a haven for someone who needs the warmth of a good, well-told  story.

     Take care and adopt a copy of Detective #314 (for the story I just described) today!  I have 2 copies myself.

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