Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mini-Series and Appearance

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  I'm still trying to plow through that giant collection I got hold of a few weeks back and as I'm sorting I find myself looking through mini- series that go together and I'm stopping every two minutes with, "Hmm, I guess it wouldn't take me THAT long to read this four parter.  Do that more than a few times and nothing gets done all day.  So when assessing a collection, put yourself in a mean mood, ready to ignore the past, your childhood and nostalgia, you'll get books sorted a lot faster, believe me.

     Plus I just wanted to mention that I will be appearing this Saturday (Oct.11) at the Great Lakes Mall Barnes and Noble from Noon till 3pm.  I'll be showing off some of my Star Wars knick knacks on National Star Wars Reader day.  I'll also be telling some behind the scenes movie trivia on the subject and the Star Wars connection to comic books and jack Kirby in particular.  Hope to see you Saturday.

     Take care and adopt a (Star Wars) comic book today.

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