Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tiring Convention

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  I'm not well right now since I signed autographs last Sunday for seven straight hours.  Throw in a half hour panel discussion where I entertained the crowd as both panel guest and moderator at the same time.  (they had no moderator)

(Jumping up) "Now let's welcome our three guests!"
(Racing to sit down) "Thank you Chris."
(Jumping back up) "It's been a pleasure, Chris."
Racing to sit down) "The pleasure is all, mine, Chris."

     But there was a lot of fun and many fans showed up, picking up copies of not only the two new books Bystander Publishing Group has produced, but plugged all of the holes they had in their "written by Chris Lambert" collection.  A lot of costumes were on display also as I got hugs from giant Pokeman bunnies, among others.  Some I knew while others were just friendly strangers.  But these things happen at Comicons.  This was a very well done show and quite packed people wise.  Can't wait until next year, even though I'm real worn out today

     Take car and remember to adopt a comic book today.

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