Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Early Batman

     Hi Everyone, hope all is well.  Today and through the rest of March, I'll be talking about Batman and his 75th anniversary.  I was introduced to the Caped Crusader through my father who bought me a copy of his comic book in the early 1960s.  Batman and Robin of course were fighting aliens on the cover, but that was okay with me.  Hey all kids like monsters, so indeed I started spending my allowance on Batman comics, only to be astonished that there were so many other different kinds of comics and heroes.

     Then, a few years later, in the school library, I ran across a reprint book of old comics from the 1940s.  It had the first Joker story from Batman #1, 1940.  That's when I realized that Batman did more than fight monsters and aliens, he was also a tough guy.  And I thought that was pretty interesting also.  Then came other types of Batman.  But more on that later.

     Take care and adopt a (Batman) comic today.

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