Monday, March 10, 2014

Blind Superheroes

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  Today I'm talking about blind superheroes.  Why, you might ask?  Because I just came back from the eye doctor and had drops put in my eye and of course, I can't see a thing.

     There were really only two blind heroes, Daredevil from Marvel Comics and the Golden Age hero, Dr. Mid-Nite from DC Comics and who also belonged to the Justice Society of America which was a forerunner to the Justice League.

     Now Dr. Mid-Nite could only see at night or with the aid of his very dark goggles as he fought crime.  He also carried Blackout bombs with him to blind the bad guys while he saw perfectly  through all the dense smoke.  He also had a cool mascot that fought crime with him...Hooty, the owl.

     Now Daredevil was truly blind, not just during the day like Dr. Mid-Nite.  But DD overcame his problem as he was blessed with (by the same radioactive accident that took AWAY his sight) a strange radar sense, meaning that in effect he could "see" better than you or I.

     So take care and adopt a comic book today, if you can see or find one that is.

     PS:  The rest of the month...Batman talk and tidbits for his 75th anniversary.


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