Monday, February 24, 2014

Two Great Writers...Gone

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  Today I have a sad posting.  Within the last day I've learned of two great  writers that have passed away with both having connections to the comics.  First off was Harold Ramis, the brilliant writer/actor behind those great movies, "Ghostbusters," "Meatballs," "Stripes" and more.  The connection to my favorite hobby?  Both First Comics and Now Comics released adaptations of the comedy movie, "Ghostbusters.'

     Next, on a more personal level, Alexander "Bud" Jones Jr. passed away.  Now he might not be as recognized as Ramis, but he probably was more read by readers on a daily basis.  You see, "Bud," after co-creating the daily comic strip, "Mr. Abernathy," in the 1950's, met and became friends with Dik Browne, the creator of the great comic strip, "Hagar the Horrible."  For many years, "Bud" has been writing the Hagar strip and my connection to "Bud" is what exactly?  In his obituary, "Bud," who lettered in sports in Euclid Shore High School, was survived (among many) by friend and brother-in-law, Charles Hill.  Chuck is a friend of mine from church.  I tried to arrange an interview for this blog with "Bud" through Chuck and his wife Sue.  But "Bud" was too busy writing Hagar and other projects to do an interview, so I never met the man.

     But I enjoy the fact that I've enjoyed the work of Ramis and thrilled at the fact that I was this close to meeting a man who was "in the trenches" writing a strip seven days a week for over two decades.  As a writer myself, it's that everyday work that I enjoy, even if no one reads it,  it's exercising your talent, your gift, the way Ramis did in the movies, the way "Bud" did every day of his life.

     Take care and watch a Ramis movie and read a Hagar strip today.  That way you remember both men and their talent.  PS: and adopt a comic too.  

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