Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Comics and the Cold

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  I can't believe how darn cold it keeps getting.  Well, the cold is good for comics since I'd rather have a cold comic collection than one discovered in an attic or basement.  Those types have problems of their own, while plain dry cold seems to protect the paper quality.  Maybe that's why many of my old comics that my Mom made me keep in the garage over the winter months stayed perfect.

     On a similar subject, concerning the cold, the Batman had a villain named, "Mr. Freeze."  But that was not his original name.  That name was borrowed from an icy bad guy from the late 1950's in a tale entitled, "The Fantastic Mr. Freeze."  This story was from Blachawk #117, but from BEFORE the Bat villain made his debut.  But that Mr. Freeze never caught on like Batman's bad guy, so the editors ditched the Blackhawk bad guy and grafted the name onto the cold hearted villain from Batman, #121, "The Ice Crimes of Mr. Zero."  So basically, Mr. Zero becomes Mr. Freeze.  If only all the comic book conundrums could be solved so easily.  Well, gotta go and turn up the thermostat, it's (Mr.) freezing in my house.

     Take care and adopt a (warm) comic today!

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