Sunday, February 9, 2014

Beatles in Comics

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  Well today I've spent several hours enjoying the 50th anniversary of the Beatles in America and on the Ed Sullivan show.  Now we know the Fab Four was great in many different fields, but did the Mersey Beat Moptops ever become the Fab Four-Colors?

     Yes, as they came to America, Dell Comics, the company who published Walt Disney Comics and all of those characters, put out a Beatle one-shot.  Later, The Beatles met members of the Fantastic Four (the Fab Four of comics) with the Thing even wearing a Beatle wig.  In 1968, a one-shot "Yellow Submarine comic (complete with poster) came out and it was great, in fact I still have mine.

     In early 1970, Batman (in issue #222) saw four English musicians leaving a cemetery and Batman says to Robin, "One of them is dead, the clues are on this album cover."  Of course this was in direct answer to the "Paul is dead" rumor from late 1969.  Marvel Comics even created a magazine devoted to the life story of the Beatles, drawn by a very young George Perez.

     So yes, The Beatles were big in records, movies, television and yeah, yeah, yeah... even in comics.

     Take care and adopt a (Beatles) comic today

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