Monday, December 30, 2013

Comics and Creators

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  And as the year of 2013 is passing into memory, I'm reminded of a few people.
     Nick Cardy was no Teen, but he sure was a Titan.  Jack Kirby's talent Challenged the Unknown, now he's with his New Gods.  Will Eisner is now truly a Spirit.  Jack Cole stretched his talent beyond belief with Plastic Man, but his private life made him take his own.  The same can be said for Wally Wood and Gray Morrow.  Gil Kane might have drawn the diminutive Atom, but there was no Black Mark against his talent.  John Buscema Avenged bad guys every month, but it was Conan that made him happy.  Dave Stevens Rocketed to the heavens with his talent and hopefully he's there now.  Marshall Rogers drew Batman like nobody has in a long time, now nobody will.  Gene Colan was a Daredevil and an Iron Man with a pencil and brush.  Now he has no more worries as he joins his long time wife, Adrienne.  George Tuska too, was an Iron Man behind the drawing table and was one of the World's Greatest Superheroes artists and grew deaf with age, but now is in a place where he can here the praises of his talent trumpeted daily.

     My point is: creations seem to live forever, it's too bad that creators can't.

     Take care and adopt a comic, any comic, today.

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