Monday, November 18, 2013

Kennedy Book Signing

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  With the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy's murder upon us, my new book, "The Camelot Memo" is making it's debut.

     The book is a fictional novel, one possible account of how his murder might have happened and how it tied in with Watergate, or would that be the other way around?  As the book cover states, "What did Nixon know about JFK's assassination?  What did JFK predict about Watergate?"  Read and decipher the Camelot Memo and you'll find out the secret of this and other mysteries.

     I'll be signing copies at Comic Heaven on Robinhood Drive, Thursday, Nov. 21st from 6-8pm.  On Friday, November 22nd (the actual 50th anniversary of the tragic event) I'll be at the Great Lakes Mall outside Comics and Friends (next to Macy's) from 6:30-9pm.  Saturday, Nov. 23rd, I'll be at the Mentor Atlas Theater from Noon-4pm.  I understand they'll be playing the Kennedy inspired film, "Parkland" in the lobby to tie in with my signing. 

     So stop by and chat, pick up a book (special advance copy with limited cover) before it hits the stores and internet with a different cover.  And maybe, just maybe, you'll uncover the meaning of, "The Camelot Memo."

     Take care and adopt a comic book today.  PS: This book is a regular fictional novel, not a comic book, but since I've written so many comics in the past, I'm appearing at some comic shops.  

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