Thursday, October 31, 2013

Comics, Halloween and the Fear

     Hi everyone, hope all is well on this Halloween holiday.  Today I want to talk about something besides the spooky comics of this time of year, and believe me there are plenty.  House of Mystery, Chamber of Chills, Tower of Shadows, Tomb of Dracula and of course one of my favorites...The Witching Hour.  But these scary and spooky comics are indeed just the tip of the iceberg.

     But while many of us enjoy researching, reading and collecting these types of comics, there is a different kind of fear that all of us feel that has nothing to do with the four-color heroes fighting goblins and ghouls within the pages of my favorite hobby.  No, this fear is the fear we all feel upon awakening every morning from our nightly sleep.  It is the fear that our jobs may not be there when we arrive at work nor even the buildings and factories that house those same jobs.

     The fear continues beyond just the trick or treat intrusion on our doorsteps this holiday.  The fear goes beyond just the passing of candy on to our neighbors, but the passing on of our loved ones and the fear that we may not be able to care for them with the loss of income or even without that problem, as our loved ones begin to age beyond our ability to help.

     My point is, it's life that's scary, not little Sammy from down the street wearing a sheet over his head as his little sister, the six year old zombie Suzy, walks beside him, holding the bag of tooth-decaying bounty derived from almost every house on the block.

     But maybe that's why I think my hobby of comics is so important, because it's entertaining and it distracts us from all of our petty problems and for just a little while, makes us forget...the fear.

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